Who We Are

A collection of educators working to improve the education of our children in Chicopee and the working conditions of those that provide it.

Who We Represent

The Chicopee Education Association proudly represents units A, B, D, and E. We have 1,100 members across our four bargaining units which include: teachers, guidance counselors, speech/occupational/physical therapists, paraprofessionals, secretaries, and other professionals.


  • The Chicopee Education Association represents the interests of our students to improve their educational experience
  • Foster relationships with the community to ensure that our schools are the best they possibly can be
  • Campaign on behalf of educators throughout the district to improve their working conditions
  • Negotiate and enforce the contract
  • Answer job-related questions/assist with job-related matters
  • Promote the respect of our professions
  • Disseminate important district and legislative information that affects both educators and students