Recording Secretary Report-5/18/2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016                                                                                  3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:22                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:14

29 members in attendance



  1. Welcome/Presentation of Agenda
  2. President’s Remarks
  3. Unit E Retro
  4. Save Our Public Schools Campaign
  5. Bargaining
  6. DDMs
  7. Candidate Slate
  8. Retirement Party
  9. Questions/Comments from the floor


President’s Remarks

Thanked all for attending General Meeting and highlighted the good works of those who’ve contributed their time and effort to the union.

Take pride in being a public school teacher and watching our students grow into citizens. Goal of CEA leadership is to assist members to provide best education. We suffer many road blocks from administration, state mandates, etc. We’ve made progress; reform elementary report cards, reforming the schedule of classes at Academy so no longer work 30 minutes more, listening tours, used the MassChild foundation to provide supplies for our students, all Unit contracts have been ratified, successfully negotiated DDM contract language, mutual pledge to negotiate contract prior to its expiration, and sending members to conferences to assist the union.

We must fight back against November ballot initiative to raise Charter Cap. We’ve lost over $1.7 million to charter schools last year and we’ll lose more if the cap is lifted. MTA, AFT, and NEA are working an $11 million campaign to fight this initiative to raise the cap and Save Our Public Schools. We need to change the argument and clear the misconceptions about charter schools.


Unit E Retro

The process to get retro pay has been initiated and is working through payroll. This is in addition to their regular job. It has gone to city treasurer and auditor, but we are in line. The mayor has authorized overtime in the department to me this process faster. We’ve made it clear that this process is embarrassing and costly, spurring them to pledge to negotiate the contracts on time.

Clarified that the 2014-2015 is the current retro being worked on, then they will process the 2015-2016 as a separate check. We hope to allow this process to be more transparent rather than just a number on a check.


Save Our Public Schools Campaign

Jason Mathas provided information. We are looking to get commitment cards signed. The bare minimum is to have members aware of the ballot initiative and will vote it down. If the cap is lifted, it will open several small niche schools (such as a robot focused school).

They can also volunteer to communicate to targeted voters (specifically parents); in pairs to knock on doors, call people on the phone,

We’re not alone, other organizations are NAACP, League of Women Voters, and MTA.

While a lot of funding is going to traditional and social media, the biggest impact can come from one-on-one conversations.

The initiative will raise cap by 12 schools each year. Charter schools can enter a community overriding the community’s wishes. We’re being targeted because we have the strongest union and greatest performing public education. We target uninformed or undecided. We get those for us to help talk to others.



The plan was to create transparency and increase communication. It seems to be working well for facilitating information between negotiation committee and general membership.

We plan to exchange proposals in June, then meet every 2 weeks for 10 meetings to hopefully get a conclusion on or before April. If it doesn’t, we’ll get to arbitration significantly ahead of the previous cycle.



Chuck sent out a memo to all CPS. Comply minimally, and we don’t need to submit numbers. We just need to collect numbers now. Committee is tweaking language and then the School Committee will need to ratify it. Afterwards the CEA will attempt to ratify it using our electronic voting.


Candidate Slate

Only one slate has been submitted. Charles Patrick  Clark for President, Jacob Hulseberg for Vice President, Kathleen Abood for President.

Tim Sweeney makes a motion to accept slate. Jim Clark pointed out that we’re not at quorum and seconds motion. This will be addressed at the proceeding Board Meeting.


Retirement Party

It will be May 31 at the Knights of Columbus on Memorial Drive, starting a 3 PM. Bring friends so we can spent our money efficiently.


Questions/Comments from the floor

Thanked Chuck for his work.




Starting Time: 4:22                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:52



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business


President Remarks

Already made during general!


Recording Secretary Report

Accepted without objection


Grievance Chair Report

Accepted without objection


Treasurer Report

Accepted without objection


Corresponding Secretary Report

Introduction email needs to be forwarded to all building reps.

Accepted without objection


PAL Report

MTA Annual conference increased dues to increase dues by less than $1 to donate $10,000 to MassChild which our district makes use of heavily.

Accepted without objection


Old Business

Retro Pay – Talked during general meeting


By-Law Amendments – Last meeting read. Both amendments are tabled until a future date.


Szetela MOA – Concerning pre-school graduation. Due to requirement of attending graduation, they are being compensated for a half day release. No object at Szetela or School Committee. They can exchange afterschool meetings for lost prep time.

Jake Hulseberg motions to accept and Tim Sweeney seconds. Unanimous vote to approve.


Charting Our Schools – Mathas updated that most schools (~75%) have charted the schools wonderfully. This provides groundwork for organization to support negotiations.


Listening Tours – Have visited most of the buildings, 2 more are scheduled for before the end of the year. They’ve been well attended and willing to share their opinions and information.


Negotiations – Talked during general meeting. Meeting with Admin to exchange proposals is 6/16


DDMs – Talked during general meeting. It will only affect whether it’s a one year or two year evaluation cycle. There’s a chance to overturn this quickly in the state senate.


New Business

Slate of Candidates for CEA – Tim Sweeney makes a motion to accept slate. Jim Clark seconds motion. Slate is accepted nearly unanimously.

Chuck brings up the hardship of being a full time teacher and running the 6th largest association in the state. Chuck and predecessors have been dedicated to the job and he hopes that we can figure out a full time release to be proactive in advancing the union.


NEA Bargaining Summit – 2 teams from MA are being sent to Rutgers University to see effects of new changes in NCLB. We hope to gain information to negotiate a great contract.


Save Our Public Schools – Discussed at MTA Annual Meeting. There was discuss about whether to full fund and then how. The MTA decided to fully fund this campaign and use the reserve fund to allocate the money. PR&O will be fully allocated to this campaign.

We can discuss this during lunch, before school, and after school. August 3 of MTA Summer Conference at UMass – Amherst to knock on doors. They’ll be paired with locals. There will also be a date to schedule training. There will also be a date to have a calling center at the Holyoke MTA office (near the Holyoke Mall).


The formula for Title 1 and Chapter 70 have both changed. Chicopee will be losing about 25% of its budget and may be facing a budget deficit. Stay involved and support each other.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, June 15