Recording Secretary Report-4/16/2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015                                                                                    3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:22                                                                  Adjournment Time: 6:00



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Host Concerns
  4. President’s Remarks
  5. Revised Bylaws Presentation
  6. Officer Reports
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Building Rep Training and Support


Thanked Bellamy for hosting

Introductions abound

Motion to move host concerns to the beginning of the agenda. Rationale to improve communication and allow host school to have their say before time becomes a constraint.

Revised Agenda accepted


Host Concerns

Concern over cleanliness of the building; sweeping, dusting shelves, etc. Some concern over black mold in room and physical illness.

Suggestion: Bring in an air quality control person. Send immediate word to office when mold is found. Check air flow.

Successes: Biggest NJHS with smallest class. Word from substitute that students are following rules very well.


President’s Remarks

Objective to look at Bylaws and Amendments. Chuck apologized for bypassing standard procedure concerning signing MOAs. MOA bringing Library Media Technicians into Unit E. Verbal support was given for this action.

MOA concerning health plan. (1) retirees save money, doubled cost, but triple supplied, by switching health plan. (2) self-insured trust for dental claims. Letters are off for CEA Units, but we account for 53.9% of public employees.

We will discuss legality of this change by Kos w/o discussion. There is concern about category that we will be placed in by dentists for pricing.

Member Forum was a good opportunity to discuss pros, cons, and ways to change.

Elementary report card survey was sent out and 108 (of 312) responded so far. We need a majority to refute claims by admin that this isn’t a problem.

The contract has been signed by us, hopefully signed by chair of school committee, and then retro and copies should be going out.

Some principals have been instructed to provide evidence for Standards 1, 2, 3, and/or 4. The relaxation of standards are in effect.

Some have been asked to print out ISSPs for each student, form, etc. before the program goes away. We don’t need to do this as we’ve agreed to this. Report to us if something similar to ISSPs is implemented.

If the state requires something specifically it trumps our contract.

Middle School and High School employees can take 3 hours a month for evaluation and collaboration.

Send suggestions about meetings for next year to Chuck Clark.


Proposal to accept consent agenda for mass accepting of chair reports.

Changed language on Recording Secretary Report implying that Bylaws were already changed.

Voted and accepted.


Old Business

Check vote for hiring procedure for the CEA, which passed with majority at 2014 General Meeting. This is not specifically stated in our bylaws for amendment vote recorded, but does reference to Robert’s Rules which says 2/3 majority.


Bylaw Revisions 2nd Reading – Chuck reads them a second time.

  • Article IV.2.D.3. Needs a period
  • Appendix B, September, “form an auditor” to “from an auditor”
  • Appendix B, August “Unite A” to “Unit A”
  • Article IV.2.A.8. and other similar appointed positions change “may receive/have received” to “shall receive or had received”
  • Concern over best interest of the CEA. Clarified and referred to objectives
  • Concern over paying unemployment or awkward situations. Instead ask to resign.
  • Clarified process of becoming a building rep and current compensation.
  • Concern over formality of building rep driving people away. Currently trying to get a list of building reps and naming them on our website.
  • Concern over bylaw rewriting being too much. Perhaps it should be piece mail.
  • Add V.2. to add responsibility of building rep to facilitate election of presidential slate.

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Yes: 13, No: 1 PASSED

A vote to confirm these will occur at General Meeting on May 14, 2015 at Chicopee High School


Proposed Amendments 2nd Reading – Chuck reads them a second time

Amendment to Increase Dues

  • Add “E” after “$11.00 Unit”
  • Rationale that we’re not keeping up with inflation due to not changing dues for many years.
  • Concern over why Unit D pays more than Unit E, Unit E makes more due to overtime. It was based on salary.
  • This change will bring us close to balancing the books.

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Unanimous. PASSED


Stipend to Negotiation Committee

  • Unit A’s dues increase is annually
  • Add “Unit A” prior to “Negotiation Committee”
  • Suggestion to retro-pay the most recent Unit A Negotiation Committee
  • Robbin clarifies that we’ve had greater costs in last few years, and less interest from CDs, etc.
  • Concern raised over money as the incentive as opposed to commitment to the CEA
  • Concern over stipends for other Units
  • Concern over how many members of each Negotiation Committee for each Unit.

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Yes: 9 No: 3. PASSED


Vice President Stipend Restoration

  • Concern over increase of 20% raise. Rationale to appeal to a good future co-VP.
  • Money doesn’t promise a good VP. While current Executive Board is good, no insurance for the future.
  • We have a very large local and we invested in our leadership

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Yes: 6 No: 6. MOTION FAILED


Paid Release for President

  • Appreciation for presidential response noted.
  • Clarified that President is allowed to give up duty period and use prep period.
  • Springfield and Worcester give release.
  • Concern about this being a burden on the members. Clarified that locals pay for the full rime release for the president
  • Clarify that more time will help to prevent problems, rather than put out fires.
  • Money based on number of classes taught, not duty/prep.
  • If president does dip below 50% we worry benefits
  • Could we get them to agree to coverage?
  • Raise awareness of burden of President/VP

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Yes: 12 No: 1. PASSED


Unit D Stipend

  • Add “Unit D” before negotiation committee.
  • Concern over other Unit coordinators
  • Is this coming from only Unit D or all Units? From all.
  • Rationale of no one wants the job and feel like second class citizens.
  • Concern over voting vs. appointment pulling apart leadership
  • Remove all but pay increase.

Checked for quorum and met

Motion made to put the changes to a vote. Yes: 7 No: 3. PASSED


New Business

Resolution Supporting Holyoke Public Schools – Sign support to Holyoke against receivership. Voted and passed.


Next meeting at Chicopee High School