Recording Secretary Report 2022-04-06

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 4:00-5:30

Starting Time: 4:03 Adjournment Time: 5:44



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Reports from Corresponding Secretary, Political Action Liaison, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Grievance Chair)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.


President’s Remarks

This is a safe space for open discussion.

If Laura doesn’t respond, reach out to another officer, your CAT member, or building/unit rep.


Please keep the chat to CEA business. Please remember that you are a public employee and have signed a policy. Be cautious with your public statements and who you are representing.


New Business

MTA Annual Meeting – May 20 and 21 in Boston. We are allotted 22 delegates. 3 methods for a delegate to attend; in person, social distanced in person, and remote. All will be able to fully participate. In person requires proof of vaccination and negative COVID test.


Discipline Meeting – Focus on all educators feeling the brunt of discipline issues in the district. Trying to set specific non-negotiables at each building and in the district. Looking for volunteers to develop these. PAC meetings can help to increase consistency within a building and create progress discipline plans.


City Council Curriculum Committee – CEA has a place on this committee, currently occupied by Laura. This is unpaid and at night. Lauren Garlett has attended these meetings.


Indoor Air Quality Committee – They are looking for feedback from schools.


Prep/Planning Pay – You should be paid for covering a class.


CEA Social Media – Kate Moss is running our social media platforms


Coverage Pay – The coverages are put in monthly, this payroll the monthly are due.


Unit A Raises – Haven’t happened yet, then retro will be coming afterwards up to that date.


Paraprofessional Appreciation Day/VP Appreciation Day – 


President and Vice President – 


Eval Evidence – They are working to provide improved de escalation training. Restraint training will happen during August PD to minimize disruptions.


MTA Open Enrollment Disability – Some people haven’t had support from American Fidelity. MTA is large en


CAT and PAC Meetings – These are good places to start changes in your building.


Next Meeting on May 4, 2022 (via Zoom starting at 4:00)