Recording Secretary Report 2022-01-05

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 4:00-5:30

Starting Time: 4:01 Adjournment Time: 5:09



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Reports from Corresponding Secretary, Political Action Liaison, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Grievance Chair)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.


President’s Remarks

This is a safe space for open discussion.

New school committee who will be active and make informed votes. Collective action tonight is to support Units B, D, and E.


If Laura doesn’t respond, reach out to another officer, your CAT member, or building/unit rep.


New Business

Negotiations Update – SC offered Unit A only 3/3/3. Unit A has settled, but not signed.

We cannot talk to the school committee about negotiations outside designated meetings.

We check over contracts first, then CEA will vote to ratify. After that the school committee will vote to ratify. Then it will go into effect.

Contracts will be voted at the same time, but each contract is voted individually.


School Committee Meeting – No need to speak tonight, just a show of solidarity. You can leave when you want, but be respectful. 


Sick Bank Committee – Karen needs 2 Unit E members for sick bank committee. Email


Health and Safety Measures – If you’re out with COVID, you supply test results. They will reimburse up to $840 for COVID time with the proper paperwork filled out.

The masks passed out are not medical masks. MTA will be releasing information. Double masking with a tight fit is the best.

District follows DESE guidelines for student safety. Chicopee is the 3rd highest city by cases in the state. Small groups should have flexibility.

There are no set parameters for when a building gets shut down. If an individual building shuts down, it might be treated as a snow day. We only have 5 built in snow days, which may complicate this situation.

Every building should be pool testing. If they aren’t calling you down, talk to your building principal for coverage. Make sure that your name is on the list. If you have COVID, you need to wait 90 days before participating in pool testing again. 

After school clubs are not going to be suspended because they are safer with us.

Please check air filters.

Windows on the bus should be open.

In school vaccinations will be starting soon.

Chicopee residents should ask school committee to hear COVID updates from nursing supervisor.


Principal Advisory Committees – PAC should be discussions, not just questions. If you do not have a functioning PAC, let Laura know



Wear CEA shirts and buttons on Friday & Share social media from CEA


Next Meeting on February 2, 2022 (via Zoom starting at 4:00)