Recording Secretary Report 2021-12-01

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 4:00-5:30

Starting Time: 4:01 Adjournment Time: 5:10



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Reports from Corresponding Secretary, Political Action Liaison, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Grievance Chair)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.


President’s Remarks

This is a safe space for open discussion.

Know your contract. Enforce your contract as these were hard fought for. HR is currently of the mindset of following the letter of the contract rather than the spirit of the contract.


If you talk with the principal about a potential grievance, explicitly state that this is a level 1 grievance.


If Laura doesn’t respond, reach out to another officer, your CAT member, or building/unit rep.


New Business

FMLA resolution to ULP – documentation emailed to ALL CPS. Use these documents. They can only ask for FMLA after 5 days or if there’s a trend. Reminder when down to 60 hrs sick time.


Paras don’t get FMLA, unless they work 1250 hours. No one in the district gets paid FMLA.


Negotiations Update – SC offered Unit A only 3/3/3

Countered with 3.5/3.5/3 for all units, in exchange for time. Include retro. Annual $1000 stipend for sub separate.


Disciplinary Meeting Rights – Administrator needs to tell you what they are accusing you of. You do not need to answer questions without representation (Weingarten rights)


Holiday Party Update – Begins at 6pm on December 3 at Polish Home. Need people to clean up, set up, and sell tickets and Scholarship raffle.


SPED – All Unit A employees only need to attend 20 meetings. Contact your supervisor if you are asked for more. Unit E should be welcome at meetings, but you will not be paid for it.


3 hours of Planning Per Month – Use it or get paid for it


Building Climate Poll – If the filter looks dirty, tell custodians. Indoor air quality team consisting of CEA, parents, and school committee members. Some buildings are struggling with health and safety protocols.


Panorama Survey Update – Principals were given results and they should have discussed them at staff meetings.


Wear CEA shirts and buttons on Friday & Share social media from CEA


Next Meeting on January 5, 2022 (via Zoom starting at 4:00)