Recording Secretary Report 2021-11-3

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 4:00-5:30

Starting Time: 4:04 Adjournment Time: 5:29



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Reports from Corresponding Secretary, Political Action Liaison, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Grievance Chair)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. New Business
  5. Old Business


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.


President’s Remarks

This is a safe space for open discussion.

5.75% equals the 11 minutes that they want.

SOA money has been used for salaries in Brockton.


New Business

Negotiations Update – 

All Units: Many TAs that will go into effect once the contract has been ratified.

Their package deal:

  • They want 11 minutes more than current
  • Pay increase 3/2.5/2.5
  • Remove elementary collaboration time


Organizing around Negotiations – If we do standouts, we need to have it with hundreds of people. If we do work to rule, all employees must participate.

  • Standout during part of negotiations.
  • Social media presence and education.
  • Wear CEA t-shirts and buttons on Friday.
  • Stand out at school committee meetings.
  • Collaboration with other unions.


Know your Contract – If you are getting hammered with time, duties, etc., then check your contract to see if it is allowed.

All contracts are on the CEA website. Know them!


Grievance Process – Level 1 involves a building/unit rep. Discuss the grievance with the principal. You ask for a meeting and they have 3 days to honor the request. You must start the process within 15 days of the violation.


If you don’t have a building rep, you can use any CEA member as an observer in a meeting. You can also reach out to one of the CEA vice presidents. Remember union retaliation is illegal, don’t succumb to their pressure.


Being a team player doesn’t mean being taken advantage of.


4 week notice of PD, then have 2 weeks to propose an alternative PD or refuse with written explanation.


Superintendent Meetings Update – Talked about CAT team meetings and 10 minute meetings to identify systemic issues.

  • Some buildings have mold. Take pictures and send them to the principal, he should contact Scott to deal with it. Ask for a timeline or it in writing.
  • Paras should have keys and printer fobs. They are working on this.
  • PAC should help address building concerns. Phrase concerns in a manner to foster discussion. If PAC doesn’t work, reach out to Laura.
  • Personal days may be an issue. Personnel is tight.
  • If you feel like you are being physically or verbally assaulted, write to the principal and superintendent. Go to the nurse to establish a paper trail. No one should have to go to work scared.
  • They only pay Kelly subs when they show up. Kelly does not always provide subs.


FMLA Update – If you’re out for 3-5 days, you do not need to fill out FMLA paperwork.


After School Meetings – You only have to attend 20 after school meetings. This includes SPED meetings. Inform the administrators. If they want more than 20, they need to pay you.


CEA Budget Review Committee – There hasn’t been an increase in CEA dues in living memory. Springfield has full time release and office staff. We need to have an open and honest conversation about the needs of the CEA.


Holiday Party – December 3, at 6 PM at the Polish Home. More details to follow via email and the CEA Calendar.


Wear CEA shirts and buttons on Friday & Share social media from CEA


Next Meeting on December 1, 2021 (via Zoom starting at 4:00)