Recording Secretary Report – 10/11/2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017                                                                            3:15-4:15

Starting Time: 3:17                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:13



  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. New Business
  4. Old Business
  5. Treasurer Reports
  6. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)

Introductions abound

Derek Dobosz spoke about his running for City Council Ward 6. Voiced his curiosity and support towards teacher issues.

Agenda accepted without objection.


New Business

Negotiations Continue – Unit B (10/24/2017, 3:00) & D (10/24/2017, 5:00), Unit A (11/6/2017, 5:30)


CEA Bargaining Survey Results – Concern that health concerns shouldn’t be a negotiation issue. If we fell under OSHA, we’d be shut down.

Buildings are old and need rewiring in addition to purchasing units.

Unit E is still in negotiations, not mediation yet. So they are not on this survey.

Choice of wording; fed up, not angry. Desire to exercise power in a positive way.


Discussions – How would “Work to Rule” be implemented?

Don’t keep Work to Rule until it is signed. Perhaps until we reach a tentative agreement.

We need to alert media and government about why we’re going to Work to Rule. List what we’re asking for. Engage the community.

We shouldn’t stagger, but do it as a united union.

When do we use Work to Rule? Prior to mediation or threat at mediation.

Work to Rule is as follows

  • You don’t start the day until the time in the contract says
  • You end the day when the contract says.
  • Everyone enters and leaves at the same time. To break habits, find an alternate location.
  • As a later action, anything you purchased with your own money leaves the classroom. Use this as a media display.
  • You can refuse to do anything you don’t get paid for. Resign, or letter of absence, from non-paid positions.
  • If it is a normal part of job, it should continue. The main goal is not to upset parents.
  • If it is not dangerous, unethical (religious), or illegal, your employer can force you to do it. Let union know and we will grieve it.
  • You cannot refuse coverage, but can ask for per diem.
  • You still have to grade (at least in Massachusetts).
  • They can force chaperone during normal work day.
  • You have to do planbooks or anything that was a part of the normal day.
  • This is mainly a threat because it generates a lot of bad press for School Committee.
  • Don’t talk to elementary students about this. We need to develop messaging.
  • It is not a surprise action, but something that the School Committee knows is coming and dreads it.
  • Parent conferences are done at convenience of parents. These are fine to do during normal school day. Otherwise, we’ll need to discuss as a union.

Ins and Outs of Work to Rule will be provided for educators.

What will the pressure of Work to Rule give us? How will it be interpreted? We need to talk to parent groups directly, rather than relying solely on the media as a third party.

Work to Rule for a limited time, 2 weeks. During that time, engage the community.

Bracelets as another means of advertising or social media blitz.

There is worry with only ~60% participation and low attendance at General Meeting. We can start with those who are active to bring others along.

Give the ultimatum. If there’s no sort of agreement for Units B & D at 10/24 mediation, then there’ll be Work to Rule, then re-examine for Unit A at 11/6 mediation. It shows support among the units of the CEA. If we back them, it will give them more credence.

A one week would look like, Work to Rule;

  • Enter and leave together.
  • Draft letter for temporary halt for any non-paid positions.

Theirs is worry about the finite end. Only end if progress is made.

There is worry about people losing momentum and then seeming weak.

We need to expand our social media presence.

New school committee members start January 1. They may be friendly, but will they have sway with negotiations in a timely fashion.

They have never settled other Units prior to Unit A.

Wear black for whole week.

Motion to suspend the rule of only Board Members can vote for the decision of Work to Rule made by Ben Eisen. Seconded by Kathy Abood. Passed unanimously.

The options for start time for Work to Rule

  1. Begin district wide work to rule after Unit B & D mediation, 10/30, assuming there isn’t a TA.
  2. Begin district wide work to rule after Unit A mediation, 11/7, assuming there isn’t a TA.

Either option will have the School Committee notified, 10/18. Notify on social media and at School Committee Meeting.

How effective is Work to Rule in other districts? 1 week to 6 weeks, based on scheduling mediation.

Option 1 (25), Option 2 (4)

To get this to work, we need to talk to our co-workers.


We need to test the charting, not just write it.

Jason Mathas’ number. (262)-565-8167 Let him know how charting works.

Use charting to

  • inform members when starting work to rule and
  • will you come to October 18th meeting, 6:30 to 7:30.

Let Jason Mathas know, “How did it work? How many are you bringing?”


In lieu of money;

  • Add personal days
  • Take back 10 minutes
  • Reduce PD days
  • Half days for hot days
  • 0/0/0 is unacceptable for salary
  • Increase share of insurance
  • Increase payback on sick days


Listening Tours – 9/25 Belcher, 10/10 Fairview, 10/12 Lambert-Lavoie, 10/19 CCHS, 10/26 DuPont


Old Business

DLR In Person Investigations – 9/29/2017, Unit B, ULP for taking back TAs from negotiations. They will return a response in ~4 weeks.

The legal threat does scare the School Committee.


ULP v. R. Rege – Unfair bargaining in his statements that there will be no raises. They want to write a letter saying it will not happen again instead of going to court.


Lena Perez returned to CPS – She was accuse of stealing money and suspended without pay. After long court battle, she was found not guilty with a public defender. She will be getting back pay and benefits since 2015. They need to find her a job now and there may be a civil suit.


Section 19.32B Committee (Insurance) Actions – Encourage mayor to invest an insurance consultant to increase services and reduce costs. The mayor is the only one who can allocate this money.

All city unions are working together on this.


Elks – There is dislike for the unknown seating arrangements.

Options include faculty rooms and Hu Ke Lau.

Cost of Hu Ke Lau (~$120) vs. cost of pizza (~$40)


Raise Up MA Petitions – Paid Family Medical Leave. It will raise the floor for paid leave. Some money will be removed from paycheck and some will be employer contributed. It will have to be adopted by municipalities individually.

Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, which does not apply to public sector due to unfunded mandate laws. If ¾ legislature agrees, it can be put applied.

It indirectly affects us and helps build coalitions with those who helped us with the No on 2 Campaign.


Treasurer Report

Accepted without objection.


Grievance Report

CTE Grievance moved to Level 4.

You NEVER need to pay to dress down on Friday. You only need to dress in a reasonable manner.

Accepted without objection.


Consent Agenda


Next meeting at The Elks, November 15