Preparing for a New Experience

Fellow CEA Members,


This summer, I attended the five-day Emerging Leaders Program at the MTA Summer Conference in Williamstown. This program fostered several skills as I prepare to serve our membership as your Recording Secretary. These skills include:


  1. Strategies and steps to building union strength
  2. Identifying and recruiting leaders
  3. Effective communication throughout the union
  4. Building community support for educators


As a part of this program, we participants were placed into five groups of 5-6. Together, we decided on an issue we would present on the last night of the conference and built awareness for the issue. Our group focused on strengthening the union by increasing public awareness of the ways in which we connect with our communities. We started a Facebook page and disseminated quick and simple methods to share our stories with the community.


I will be taking these skills that I learned at the Emerging Leaders Program to help our membership get the most from our union by finding ways to participate without consuming too much of your valuable time. Similarly, I wish to help make Chicopee aware of the roles that we as educators are a valuable part of the community. Together, we can make a positive change in our union and build solidarity.


Lastly, I have also helped to assemble contact lists for the Executive Board and Building/Unit Representatives. So we can help keep records up to date and ensure ease of communication, please contact me if you are a Building/Unit Representative for the 20014-2015 school year.


Benjamin Eisen

Recording Secretary

Chicopee Education Association