Principal Advisory Council

Objective: foster open communication between principal and staff and to develop problem-solving process for school-related issues


  Development of PAC (Principal’s Advisory Council) – 


  • Meet monthly for at least one hour and a minimum of 8 meetings/year

  • Members of team – 

    • Council positions must be posted(for 20-21 must be posted by December 11 and Council chosen by Mid-January) 

      • no more than 8 members

      • Members should be chosen equitably by a CEA representative(like a CAT team or rep) and the Principal

      • All areas/units should be represented 

    • Recording Secretary

      • One Member of the team serves as recording secretary – cannot be the Principal

      • Prepares agenda, keeps meeting notes and distributes agenda and meeting notes

      • Keeps a running agenda and minutes to include possible talking points and solutions 

      • Agenda will be prepared and distributed 48 hours in advance of meeting

      • Minutes and agenda of meeting will be shared to all; will include potential resolutions and who is responsible 

      • Date of completion of solution will be notes