Mindfulness Goals

Professional Practice Goal 2017-2018

Professional Practice Goal

In order to address the social and emotional needs of, and the effects of trauma on, my students, I will implement mindfulness strategies in my classroom at least twice a week.

Professional Practice Goal(s): Planned Activities

Describe actions the educator will take to attain the professional practice goals. Activities may apply to individual and/or team. For each action, list supports/resources from the school/district*, and the timeline/frequency. List as many actions as may be required.


  1. I will refer to the following sites for mindfulness strategies, ideas, and curriculums.
  2. I will practice my own mindfulness strategies at least 3 times a week and reflect.
  3. I will accommodate mindfulness strategies for the students I have in front of me, for their best interests.
  4. I will have my students practice mindfulness strategies at least twice a week.
  5. I will incorporate a minimum of five techniques to apply to differentiate for all students.
  6. I will monitor students responses to mindfulness strategies and the impact on their grades and behaviors through notes, grades, summaries, do nows.

Support/Resources from School District: