Grievance Report – March 14 2018

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association

March 14, 2018

Level 4-Grievance 1D- New policies and procedures issued by Mr. Joyal have changed the working conditions of the Unit D members and violated their contract language – forcing them to work flex time.

Level 4- Grievance 2A- A Unit A member was given a letter of appointment to coach and sport and then management rescinded the letter and gave the position to another person- a month after the letter was issued.

Level 3Grievance 3A-Should be listed at Level 3- Not 4 as stated last month Class Action- Per Diem- Management is continuing to refuse to acknowledge per diem pay for forced work during prep time- an established past practice.

Level 3 Grievance 1E- Para dismissed without “just cause.” Denied at Level 2

Level 3 Grievance 2E– Class Action- Salary- Step Provisions- bumped to Level 3 due to management not responding

Level 2 Grievance– Class Action All Units- 3-16-2018- Management’s refusal to count the day they receive a grievance as Day 1 of the timeline.

Level 2-Grievance 4A– Lack of identified wrong doing in discipline letter.

Issues Dealt With This Month


  • Some Unit E members not given updated accruals for sick and personal time. The district is moving to another bookkeeping system and getting rid of MUNIS- They expect this to fix the problem.


  • Unit E members concerned about being pulled from academic classes to translate at meetings. It is a component of the job description and must be done.