Grievance Report – April 16 , 2015

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association

April 16, 2015

No Official Grievances at this time

Issues dealt with this month:

Unit A

  • Members of Unit A who teach 6 classes and are on improvement plans should not be directed to use prep time to meet the needs of the improvements plan, e.g., meeting with administration to discuss the improvement plan, observing and reporting on another teacher’s class, etc.
  • All evening activities-with the exception of Open House- are voluntary and your lack of attendance at them cannot be used against you in your evaluation.
  • A soda machine is being procured for teachers at Bellamy Middle School- thanks Mary Janik
  • Make-up faculty meetings- there is nothing to prevent an administrator from requesting time with you when you have missed a faculty meeting to convey pertinent information. It would be unreasonable for management to demand that this meeting take place the day following an absence, and a time should be negotiated that is mutually convenient for both parties.
  • The MOA with specific language to allow Szetela Preschool an evening graduation in lieu of Open House has been drafted and submitted for approval- no word as of yet.
  • The Revised MOA language regarding elementary school meetings has been drafted and submitted for approval- no word as of yet.
  • Evaluators should be collecting evidence for Evaluation Standards 1 & 2 when they observe classes. Teachers should only be asked for evidence for these two standards when evidence presents itself showing that the teacher is not proficient.


Unit E

  • Unit E members are allowed to do additional assignments such as monitoring the cafeteria in the morning or tutoring students as long as the job posting states that Unit E is included.