Executive Committee Responsibilities

President: Represents Chicopee Educators and what they stand for.  The President ensures that the organization runs smoothly, effectively, and fulfills its goals.  They preside over meetings, they select the executive committee, and the appointed positions.  Most importantly, they ensure that the CEA fulfills its mandate of lobbying for a better education for students and better working conditions for teachers.

Vice President:  They are the first tier of support staff for the president and they ensure the fulfillment of the CEA’s mandate.  They chair committees on behalf of the CEA, write policy, and meet with administrators and teachers at the discretion of the president.  If the president must leave office the vice president shall assume all duties of the president.

Grievance Chair: Enforces the policies of the contract between the School Committee and the CEA.  They are responsible for overseeing the grievance committee, investigating possible grievances, filing grievance paperwork appropriately, and guiding members through the grievance process when they have an issue.  Most importantly, they police the contract and ensure that educator’s contracts are being respected and implemented correctly.

Recording Secretary:  Aids the president by gathering background information, researching, and investigating the data needed for various policies the president and staff need to write.  At meetings they record minutes and attendance.  They add new amendments to the bylaws and work closely with the webmaster to disseminate information quickly and efficiently.

Corresponding Secretary:  Shall attend local events at the discretion of the president, including but not limited to school committee meetings, school events, district events, and state-wide events.  They keep tabs on pertinent dates and social occasions to better inform the CEA of local happenings.  Lastly, they send gifts and recognitions on behalf of the CEA to those deemed appropriate by the president and Board of Directors.

Treasurer: Is responsible for all funds and the disbursement of those funds to the appropriate parties.  They collect all dues and see to it that all financial records are accurately noted.  They present an annual financial statement to the Board of Directors at the June meeting.  Lastly, they arrange for an annual audit to ensure compliance with state and federal law.

*New Member Coordinator: Assist leadership by organizing and building relationships with new members, and encouraging their participation at local and state levels of the union.  This includes, but is not limited to, meeting with, training, and creating socializing opportunities for new teachers.