Electronic Report Card Professional Practice Goal

Professional Practice Goal 2017-2018

Professional Practice Goal

Grade two teachers will learn to utilize the Electronic Report Card by the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Professional Practice Goal(s): Planned Activities

Describe actions the educator will take to attain the professional practice goals. Activities may apply to individual and/or team. For each action, list supports/resources from the school/district*, and the timeline/frequency. List as many actions as may be required.


  1. We will attend district and site based staff meeting that will give an overview of the electronic report card system.
  2. We will meet with other second grade teachers, building secretary, and technical support staff as necessary.
  3. We will fully utilize SchoolBrains for completing the online report cards.


Support/Resources from School District:

  1. The district/School will provide professional development on the online report card system.
  2. The school’s building principal will provide additional coaching, if needed, to support classroom teacher.



  1. By December1, 2017 We will have completed the training offered on site and complete the first set of report cards online.
  2. By March 30, 2018 We will be using the online component of the online report card system alone.
  3. By June1, 2018 We will have completed the implementation of the online report card system.