Core Program: Professional Practice Goal


By June of 2019, I will gain a better understanding of the core program.

Action Plan:

  • I will make a conscientious effort to use technology, the apps involved, the digital library and the differentiated instruct that has been preplanned.
  • I will be sure to use more of the unit tests as opposed to the selection tests
  • More next-generation assessments and observations versus generic self-made assessments.
  • I will use my assessment to inform my instructional planning.
  • By June of 2019 through open-minded attendance at professional development and colleague collaboration time, I will familiarize myself with the online management system of the core program offers flexibility in planning, teaching, learning, progress monitoring and assessing
  • By June 2019, I will begin to utilize the tracking standards mastery by using the online components of the core program.
  • By June of 2019, I will better collaborate with my department by sharing what resources in the core program have worked for different students.
  • We can hold each other accountable by sharing out a lesson in a new component each week and trying the new component with fidelity.