Board of Directors

We want your voice heard. Click here for more information on your first board meeting: YOUR FIRST BOARD MEETING

We want you to help us chart a better course for the students of Chicopee. The CEA uses a grassroots approach where all members are welcome and have a voice. Our goal is to make the Chicopee Public Schools system a better place to work and get an education.

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives, elected officers, and appointed officers.


Representatives from each unit serve on the board of directors and are chosen by those that work in the individual buildings. The number of representatives from each school is determined by the number of staff who work there. These people are the heart and soul of this union. They work in our buildings, they are trained by the MTA, they are the first line of defense if students or staff are being mistreated, and they vote for policy changes within our schools.

Executive Committee

Every two years, anyone can run for president of the CEA. That president runs on a slate that includes two vice presidents. Once elected the president appoints the officers of the association and the board of directors approves those appointments. The executive committee is composed of a grievance chair, treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, membership secretary, and social chair. For more information on what the responsibilities of these positions include click here.

The president also appoints a web master, member secretary, political action committee, unit b coordinator, unit d coordinator, unit e coordinator, sick bank committee, evaluation implementation committee, professional development committee, contract negotiation committee, and a scholarship committee. For more information on what the responsibilities of these positions include click here.

Executive Board

  • President: Laura Demakis
  • Vice President: Tim Sweeney
  • Vice President: Darrell Johnson
  • Treasurer: Robbin Lussier
  • Recording Secretary: Benjamin Eisen
  • Corresponding Secretary: Kim Roy
  • Grievance Chair: Michele Foley

Appointed Positions

  • Political Action Leaders: Claudia Palframan
  • New Member Coordinator: Gina Potorski-Dahl
  • Web-Master: Kait Moss
  • Social Chair: Kathy Abood
  • 32B Insurance Committee Rep: Susan Amaral