Chicopee Education Association

Board of Directors’ Meeting

Recording Secretary’s Report (Jean Sherlock)




  1. DDMs
  2. Students Feedbacks
  3. Professional Development Committee
  4. Negotiations
  5. Candidate Recommendation Committee
  6. Williamstown


New Business:

  1. President elect Clark
  2. Transition Needs
  3. Status of CEA open positions




There are several sessions that the CEA or MTA will subsidize members to attend.

#9 Union School

#12 Full Capacity Local

#13 Writing…Grievances

#36 Advocate for Members in Trouble

#40 Student Learning, Evaluation framework

#64 Social Media Perils

#69 License Renewal and Retell


District Determined Measures, DDMs. Druggan put in for an extension and design teams will create the DDMs. Student Feedback to be negotiated.


Negotiations in progress for Units A,B,D and E.


The Candidate Recommendation Committee will be meeting June 26 to decide on candidate endorsements. The meeting is open to members.



Treasurer Lussier explained reimbursement policies for attending MTA Summer Conferrence at Williamstown. Registration and lodging will be reimbursed . If you stay overnight, meals will be included. Save receipts for a la carte. Traveling expenses are $.56/mile.




New Business:


The meeting was turned over to Chuck Clark, CEA President elect. First he thanked the Moran team which was roundly applauded. He made a motion to accept his slate of appointees to fill open positions for approval. Jake Hulseberg seconded the motion. Discussion followed regarding qualifications of the various candidates, changing nature and workload of the Grievance Committee and the new process which allowed members to apply for positions.

Jason Surprise made a motion to move the question, seconded by Gary Guilbeault. The question was moved and the slate approved, 16 in favor, 7 opposed.


Officers and Standing Committee Chairs to take office July 1, 2014


Treasurer: Robbin Lussier

Recording Secretary: Ben Eisen

Corresponding Secretary: Jason Surprise

Grievance Chair: Michelle Foley

Membership Chair: Barbara Itkin

Web Master: Timothy Velozo

Social Chair: Donna Conroy

32B Insurance Rep: Susan Amaral

Unit D Coordinator: Mary Janik

Unit E Coordinator: Sherry Bienvenue


President elect Clark also presented a list of dates for Board meetings which were approved. Grievance Committee will meet the Monday before the Board meeting.


17 Sept. 2014

15 Oct. 2014

19 Nov. 2014

17 Dec. 2014

14 Jan. 2015

11 Feb. 2015

18 Mar. 2015

15 Apr. 2015

13 May 2015

10 Jun. 2015




Jean Sherlock presented the Recording Secretary’s Report. A motion to accept was made by Vice President Hulseberg, seconded by Donna Conroy and accepted.


Robbin Lussier presented the Treasurer’s Report. She passed out a handout with four years of data and explained the numbers in terms of how dues get recorded. A motion to accept was made by Ben Eisen, seconded by Christine Theroux and accepted.


Ann Kos presented the Corresponding Secretary’s Report.  A motion to accept was made by Jason Surprise, seconded by Kim Roy and accepted.


Old Business:


Brief discussion regarding the need to update our bylaws. Grievance needs to rewrite regarding their committee’s new set-up.


Retirement party Monday. Appreciation shown to Kim Roy for all her work.


President Moran spoke, saying what an honor it has been for her to serve as president of the local. She expressed her commitment to bringing all units together in the interests of equity.