Your First Board Meeting

Please come to your board meeting! It’s for you… Your building representatives work hard to make sure the issues that are affecting your building are discussed and a plan is implemented to address them.

The location of the board meetings rotates. You can find the schedule of our board meetings on the calendar here.

They normally take place the third Wednesday of every month. The location of these board meetings changes to encourage those people who work in that building (the one that is hosting that month’s meeting) to attend a short listening tour before our Board Meeting begins. This helps the board stay in the loop with what’s happening around the city.

When You First Arrive:

The location of the meeting will be posted on the door. As you walk in the room you’ll be greeted by one of the two vice presidents and they’ll instruct you where to sit.

Robert’s Rules guides how these meetings are run. It’s essentially a series of rules created to help those who run a meeting maintain order.

Here you’ll find a YouTube crash course:

Here you’ll find a written document that explains how they work:

Before you arrive at the meeting please review the report package that will be collectively accepted at the beginning of the meeting.

If you’d like to speak on anything in those reports simply raise your hand when the motion to accept the package is made and an opportunity to speak will be given to you. (HOW EXACTLY SHOULD THIS BE DONE)

At any point during “discussion” you may speak as long as you raise your hand and the person presiding over the meeting gives you the floor.

It is important to remember that when it comes time to vote on an issue you may not do so unless you are a building representative or board member.