Recording Secretary’s Report – April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012
Chicopee Education Association
Board of Director’s Meeting
Recording Secretary’s Report

The President’s Report was presented by President Howe citing the following:

  • A slate of Donna Moran and Jake Hulseberg for CEA President and Vice-President has been submitted. Any other candidates have until April 30 to submit a slate. If we have a second slate there will be an election at the Annual Meeting.
  • Mike Kos of Bellamy and Jason Surprise of Chicopee High have joined the Evaluation/Common Core Committee.
  • Race to the Top money is being used to pay stipends to a committee that is being formed to analyze the TELLS Survey and make recommendations and devise an action plan. We are looking for three teachers, one from each level, to participate. Contact President Howe if interested.
  • We are seeking Unit B members to work on the completion of the evaluation model. A vice-principal from each level, a high school department supervisor and a special education coordinator are needed.
  • MTA Convention packets and tickets are available.
  • The CEA Annual Meeting will take place next month. Important issues are on the agenda, including a vote on the new evaluation model for Unit A, bylaws changes, and the election the next CEA President and Vice-President.
  • Commentary on the April 11 vote regarding the school calendar.

A motion to accept the President’s Report was made by Charlotte Jacques, seconded by Joyce Fisher and accepted.

The Recording Secretary’s Report was distributed by Recording Secretary, Jean Sherlock. A motion to accept was made by Diane Jensen-Olszewski, seconded by Donna Ruell and accepted.

The Corresponding Secretary’s Report was distributed by Corresponding Secretary, Ann Kos, with a reminder to us about letting her know when we hear of anyone who should receive a card
or gift from the union. The next report will contain the CEA policy on who should get flowers or cards. A motion to accept was made by Barbara Howe, seconded by Kim Hamel and accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Treasurer Robin Lussier. A motion to accept was made by Sherry Bienvenue, seconded by George Bellefeuille and passed.

The Grievance Report was presented by Grievance Chair, Chris Dowd.

  • Chairman Dowd provided further clarification of the mutual respect clause language and process.
  • He reminded members of their right to write a rebuttal to any discrepancies listed on their evaluations. The rebuttal should be stapled to the top. Signing your evaluation does not mean that you agree with it, only that you have seen it.
  • A member had a question about the role of union representatives when called into a dispute because a member exerted their Weingarten Rights. The main thing that the rep should do is take careful notes in case the case goes to a higher level.

A motion to accept was made by Barbara Howe, seconded by Donna Ruell and accepted.

The PAL Report was presented by PAL, Diane Jensen-Olszewski citing the following:

  • The Healthy Workplace Bill is before the Legislature and we are urged to call our legislators to promote the passage of the bill.
  • Paul Toner’s letter of response to the anti-union Stand for Children Ballot Initiative is on the MTA website.
  • Reported on the GLSEN Conference at MIT in March.
  • The Campaign for Communities will give a presentation at our first Board Meeting in September.

A motion to accept was made by Christine Theroux, seconded by Sherry Bienvenue and accepted.

Old Business:

  • Paraprofessionals have a question regarding when they will receive their pay increases.
  • They are assured that it should happen before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Paraprofessionals are also unclear of their start date and whether or not they will have a Professional Development Day.
  • Members question whether teachers will have input into principal evaluations. They will.

New Business:

  • Sue Pease passed out Workplace Bullying Literature. It will be made available to members. It will be put on our website and an email alert about its availability will be sent out. We will also make it available in paper form at worksites. Building Reps will have copies.
  • Vice-President, Donna Moran, reminded us of the upcoming by-law changes and the tentative agreement on contract language regarding the evaluation instrument and process. She thinks it is important for teachers to keep all the evaluation literature together and is looking into purchasing 3-ring binders for our members. She reminded us that the Williamstown MTA Conference is coming up and urges participation.

At 5:10 a motion to adjourn was made by Charlotte Jacques, seconded by Joyce Fisher, and accepted.