Recording Secretary Report-9/14/2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016                                                                         3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:22                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:06



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Welcome
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business


Ben motions to accept agenda and Jason seconds. It passed without objection.

President Remarks

Introductions abound.

Chuck explains the goals for the year;

  • Successfully negotiate fair contracts for all units on time
  • Update Bylaws
  • Part time release for CEA President
  • Increase engagement and activism geared toward Ballot Question #2

Methods include; increasing transparency of the mechanisms, being proactive rather than reactive, treating everyone with respect, and giving members a stake in the local.

Chuck proposes a consent agenda, where the officer reports will be streamlined and just asked for questions. James Clark suggested PAL and Grievance Report be discussed in detail.


Recording Secretary Report

James Clark motioned to accept. Jean Sherlock second. Passed without objection.


Corresponding Secretary Report

Rules for Cheer Fund policy should be on website.

Building reps should be on website.

Passed without objection.


Grievance Chair Report

Teachers can coach outside of certification as long as they are not the teacher of record.

DDMs should not be used for goals or evaluation. Teachers can be required to be administered.

CEA website has information about how to challenge an evaluation. Contact Michele if you have questions.

Passed without objection.


Treasurer Report

It is important to maintain a relationship with the bank in this economic climate.

Estimate is more than 8 years before we don’t have the cash flow to maintain accounts.

Local dues haven’t increased in a very long time. Jim Clark suggested need to time this increase to not conflict with other issues.

Check other expenses first before raising dues so they adequately account for all expenses.

Request by Sherry Bienvenue to get breakdown of Unit E dues to local, MTA, and NEA.

Passed without objection.


PAL Report

To be discussed in detail later with No on 2.

Bolded important information.

Passed without objection.


Old Business

DDMs – After Question 2 is dealt with, MTA will put pressure on House. The CEA hasn’t finished negotiating language.


CEA Negotiations – First meeting is 13 of October. We have 5 on the team with 21 proposals. We think the non-monetary ones will be easy, but monetary will be challenging.

Second Table has already heard Unit A proposals

Unit B: October 13, Nov 21, Jan 5

Unit D: Oct 27, Dec 1, Jan 19

Unit E: Nov 9, Dec 15, Feb 2

Severe budget cuts depend on state politics and could happen an any time.


Open Positions: Unit D Coordinator, Sarah Grady – She is head clerk at Bellamy School. Couldn’t attend board meeting due to health issues. She was on the Bargaining Team last cycle and this cycle.

Sarah Grady approved unanimously.


New Business

No On #2 – Lots of information passed out to building reps.

MTA spent most of the money on this campaign. The CEA will be reimbursed for buttons.


Open Positions Scholarship, PD, Social, PR, Snacks – We need a replacement chair for the Scholarship Committee.

If we don’t have a Professional Development committee, they will all be determined by the folks at 180 Broadway.

Donna Conroy is social chair, but she needs a hand.

We need to update and reform website through a Public Relations person. We need to keep information up to date and raise our profile in the community.

Snacks have previously been done by President, but no longer feasible. We need a leader. Boston Bay Pizza will deliver to CCHS with a phone call and a credit card. Keep the receipt and Robbin will make sure the CEA reimburses you.


By-Laws Revision – Inform Chuck Clark if you’re interested.

James Clark suggests that a bulk by-law revision don’t work. He suggests doing the revisions piece mail.


Monthly Meetings – Build Reps, please have meetings in the building so they are updated. You just need to inform the administration and you can use the school’s facilities.


Payroll – Unit A people on Steps were paid inappropriately. This was a mistake and an email was sent out. This should be corrected by the next paycheck or first in October.

Encourage all members to check their paychecks; multiply the Net Pay by 21 and check against the contract.


Next meeting does count for competition.

James Clark motioned to adjourn and second by Will Kidd.


Next meeting at MTA Office in Holyoke, 55 Bobola Rd. in Holyoke, October 12