Recording Secretary Report-6/15/2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016                                                                                  3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:24                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:01



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Save Our Public Schools Campaign/DDMs
  4. President’s Remarks
  5. Officer Reports
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business


Save Our Public Schools Campaign

Jason Surprise and Ben Eisen are coordinating the local campaign. Although not currently at the charter cap, the initiative would still be a major drain on public funds.

  • Commitment Cards
  • Phone Bank at Holyoke office with ~5 people. It will last a couple hours and include a free lunch! Choice of morning or afternoon shift.
  • Canvasing (Blitz) on August 3rd. Summer conference will be matching every volunteer to help get out the vote in Chicopee. In a training, Surprise 1 of 100 said they supported charter schools. People will be in pairs for ~90 mins.

MTA will be giving training and scripts to make it easier on us.



Call up your House Rep. Identify that you are a constituent and tell them that you are for the removal of DDMs. Get anyone you can to call.


President Remarks

Last meeting is usually used to highlight successes, but we need to adapt to our changing environment. Next year there will be cuts. Mandates will be increasing accountability. There will be extra scrutiny from DESE with regards to suspensions. There is a campaign to increase the cap on charter schools. Need to address budget deficit and overworked union officers.

Thanked members for their commitment and leadership.


Recording Secretary Report

Accepted without objection


Corresponding Secretary Report

Accepted without objection


Grievance Chair Report

Added that Rege will focus on bus issue, potentially discussing routes with transport company

Accepted without objection


Treasurer Report

Two large payments to MTA for July and August

Robbin expressed concern about more money being spent than is coming in.

We want to have at least $160,000

No increase to dues in many years, but stipends increased.

Parking from MTA conference must submitted for reimbursement.

$771 union dues, only $45 to CEA

It was voiced that we need to try to convince members to raise of dues.

We have no agency fees. This fee only goes to MTA and NEA only.

It was voiced that we need to try to encourage building reps to attend meetings.

Breakeven math was already done last year. It was voiced that too much was tried for, and countered with timing it not coincide with regards to layoffs.

It was voiced that different units may need to contribute equitably otherwise the low end wage earners will be affected more so.

It was proposed that Unit A and Unit B might shoulder the burden. Countered that if other Units aren’t raised, it won’t be magnified by MTA/NEA feedback.

Accepted without objection


PAL Report

MTA is using money appropriated at annual meeting. MTA is doing events for Save Our Public Schools every weekend. We’re still stressing the grassroots aspect of the campaign.

Accepted without objection


Old Business

Retirement Party – 58 attendees, 10 retirees. It is a poorly attended event and Chuck thinks we should re-evaluate how we recognize their commitment. There is a minimum amount of plates and food can’t leave the hall.

It was suggested about increasing the amount of notifications/reminders as it is a busy time of year. There may have been a timing issue this year.

Educators are busy, so maybe changing it to a less formal venue would help.

It was suggested to treat it as an end of year party/picnic with recognition for the retirees.

We can reach out to retirees to avoid multiple retirement party conflicts.

It was voiced that not many younger students attended. We need to change the mindset.

Some districts sell tickets to the event.

Donna does an excellent job, and we need more involved to help her out to implement these changes.


Unit E Retro – Still haven’t received money from 2014. It is shameful, but not criminal. The mayor has authorized overtime for the audit to help make this happen quicker. This is due to the practice of negotiations, which we’re planning to change.

Paras should be notified that they should have access to a CPSGE account. CC Ron and Rose to inform them of this urgency.

It was suggested that a letter to the editor about the nature of waiting years for their raise. Jake cautions the public embarrassment would make negotiations difficult.

Kathy brings up the question of what the overtime has been doing for this past month. They are working with archaic means.

Auditors at City Hall have rejected the formula used by 180 Broadway.


CEA Negotiations – Contracts expire the end of next year. Unit A has had the first meeting with Administration and dates were selected for meetings with objectives. Afterwards or if a roadblock is reached, we will have mediation.

The goal is to have all four contracts finished prior to their expiration. This will be done through simultaneous negotiations. An example being a meeting for Unit D, followed by a Unit A meeting.

Lack of funding bodes it will be a tough year for negotiating financials.

Jake is the chair for the Negotiation Committee. He stresses for thinking outside the box for requests.

The City can save money by not printing pink slips on high quality paper. Electronic notification can provide documentation and save money.

Allisa, Kathy, Jake, and Chuck went to New Jersey for a bargaining summit. It was very helpful to listen to speakers and collaborate with other locals. The path that education is on is scary; we can rally the community to save education or watch public education be destroyed.

It is important to have cities prioritize education and not just business.

We’re miles ahead of other locals as far as negotiation schedule.


DDMs – These have not been negotiated. Passed the Senate, but now needs to pass the House. District dumped DDMs with Senate. No language has been ratified. Not required to provide data for DDMs. Only need to say that it is on file. Call your Representative.

This is an official year for data in case the House doesn’t pass.


New Business

BoD Schedule 2016-2017 – Motion to accept dates by Jason Surprise and seconded by Jim Clark.

Accepted 12-0.


Open/New Positions – We need a Unit D coordinator and Unit E coordinator. There will be a new volunteer photographer to publicize event and update website or increase social media presence. There will be a volunteer for a refreshment committee.

Kathy Abood volunteers refreshments for September 14, 2016.


MTA Summer Conference – It will be at UMass-Amherst this summer. There are brochures and fliers.


Incompetence/Ineptitude – If administrators are as such, we as a local can address some of these issues. If we build confidence and share with senior administration.


Jake Motioned to adjourned and seconded by Kathy.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, September 14

Have a Marvelous Summer!