Recording Secretary Report – 6/13/2018

Wednesday, June 13, 2018                                                                                  3:15-4:30

Starting Time: 3:28                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:17



  1. Welcome/Introductions
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Treasurer Reports
  4. President’s Remarks
  5. New Business
  6. Old Business
  7. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)

Robbin Lussier propose move treasurer’s report before Presidents remark. Kathy 2nd amended without objection

Zach distribution of signs and tshirts, Kim 2nd amended without objection

Agenda accepted without opposition


President’s Remarks

Finishing a year without a new contract. Negotiations are stalled still, but CEA still exists. Budget includes no money for raises for teachers for 2nd year in a row. Mayor values capitol improvement rather than human capitol. No accountability for mismanagement. We file unfair labor practices and we win. We grieve until we are satisfied. We rally for legislation that helps education. We are undervalued and underpaid, but we will continue to work hard. Thanks his staff, chairs, committees, reps, and MTA uniserve rep.

After Janus decision, we will work hard together to maintain and grow the CEA


Treasurer Report

35 retirees, each given a gift. Stipends for officers.

Budget is running slightly in the red. Proposed changes;

  • Survey to change format/venue of 2 social gatherings
  • MTA Annual Meeting change to one night hotel and reduced stipend
  • Changing roles and responsibilities

Is there a summer activity to encourage members to value their membership?

Accurate membership list is helpful for budgeting.

Treasurers report accepted without objection.


New Business

MTA Summer Conference 8/5-8/18 at UMass Amherst – Fliers to advertise. See Ben Eisen for more information.

Workshops available for single sessions up to tracks over the course of the 3 days.

It prepares you for leadership roles.


New Leadership 2018-2020 – Laura Demakis (President), Tim Sweeney (Co-VP), Kathy Abood (Co-VP)

  • (Corresponding Secretary) Kim Roy
  • (Treasurer) Robbin Lussier
  • (Grievance Chair) Deb Green
  • (Web Master) Looking for applicants willing for biweekly communication
  • (Membership Secretary) Barbara Itkin
  • (Unit Coordinators) Looking for applicants
  • (New Member Coordinators) Elonia Lamontagne
  • (Political Action Leader) Josh Clark (State) and Claudia Plaframan (Local)
  • (Social Chair) Donna Conroy
  • (Recording Secretary) Ben Eisen

Motion to accept by Michele Foley, 2nd by Kim Marowski to approve the list of appointees

Ben Eisen made a amendment to accept list pending formal application progress

Approved without objection.

School Budget Update – We are being heard by School Committee and City Council. Most didn’t want to vote for the budget, but claimed to have no choice. Lamothe pushed the mayor to allocate more money and transparency. The School Committee will be voting on the school and city budget 6/25

Rally at City Hall June 19 and June 25, 6:30-7:15 and Munich Haus afterwards. These will continue as we move forward.

Work to Rule – Beginning 1st day in September. This will be clearly defined.

Proposed dates/locations for Monthly Meetings. All meetings will be starting at 3:15

  • September 5 – Elks, 431 Granby Road
  • October 3 – School
  • November 7 – Elks, 431 Granby Road
  • December 5 – School
  • January 2 – Elks, 431 Granby Road
  • February 6 – School
  • March 6 – Elks, 431 Granby Road
  • April 3 – School
  • May 1 – Elks, 431 Granby Road
  • June 5 – School

We can make announcements about meetings at our schools.

Elementary schools won’t be open for meetings until after 2:30. Arrive no early than 2:50.

Kathy motion to approve list of Member Meeting dates. 2nd by Ben Eisen

Passed without objection


Laura heard that there is no convocation August 2018, but will show a video. We have the contractual right for 15 minutes to speak to members. Current president has not heard of convocation being cancelled.


Distribution of CEA Swag – Zach thanks for everyone’s hard work on the committee. 3 boxes of t-shirts and dozens of signs. As we exit the meeting, please take this swag from Zach’s van. By splitting it between different buildings, they can be distributed easier. Other unions and retirees have requested shirts. According to grant these must go to members. Encourage to attend, then get a free t-shirt.

Retirees are willing to pay for the t-shirts and are considered members. $8/t-shirt production cost


Old Business

Section 19 Committee Meeting 6/26 – Mayor Kos hates this committee because the city unions can collectively bargain health insurance. We’ll receive results of the research on June 26. This will hopefully provide new options.

It is a members-only meeting. The CEA reps to this committee will report back.


Moving Forward Discussion (cont. from 5/16 Monthly Meeting) – Positions have been eliminated and programs have been cut.

Michele: We have to stop working for free. We have to overcome the guilt. Be firm with your principals.

Chuck: We do things for love or for money. We can’t do it for love anymore. They will assume they can exploit us.

Kathy: Elementary is very worried about how to get a room ready without time over the summer. An average of 25 hours to prepare each teacher’s classroom.

Paula: Friday is not a work day, but buildings are open because they know that we will work for free.

Kim: I spoke to School Committee and to members. They don’t know half of what is going on, they don’t know about our grievances. We have to be public with what we do and with our grievances. Blast our successes over social and traditional media. People need to know what we do.

Jake: Work to rule is a dangerous idea. A lot of teachers won’t do it. We also need to worry about weather. They disagree philosophically about who it hurts. There are a lot of great ideas but no one follows through. If you have an idea, be willing to lead it.

Kathy: People ask why isn’t the union doing more. There is a small core of people who show up. We’re compiling a list of our wins. RJ has violated timelines and most grievances are going to level 4. This will show people that there is value in the union.

Jason: Work to Rule needs a focus. Who can do what we need done? The person who holds the purse is Mayor Kos. They do it for reward or to avoid pain. Work to Rule won’t affect Mayor Kos. We can use parents as allies, but how do we put pressure on Kos.

Jake (needed to leave): Thanks that motivated some members to be more active.

Kim: Teacher was afraid to take time off to file for a restraining order. Her supervisor bullied her to not take time off for this.

Actions to affect the Mayor:

  • Be involved in 4th of July Parade, K-Fest, etc.
  • Elementary teachers post on social media when you work for free, the conditions in the classroom
  • Set up rooms as a large group, bring in other schools. i.e. home make over
  • What are people willing to do for Work to Rule
  • Teach in public to raise awareness
  • We need to have a concrete plan
  • Tell School Committee and City Council what we do.
  • Log temperature, time, and progress in our preparation
  • Invite School Committee and City Council to visit as we prepare.
  • Find the Mayor’s schedule (Mayor’s Briefings) and attend in CEA t-shirts
  • Report in SB to gather parents’ emails and inform them of the work that you do. Tell them to contact the Mayor about what they did
  • Give SC (1/mo during summer) and CC updates every single week of how many people are working for free during the summer and who is leaving.
  • Contact CC with the offers that teachers are getting from other districts, regardless of level of experience. City Council says there is money for raises, but Mayor Kos is holding back.
  • Spend $128,000 on recycling shed, but our schools don’t recycle.
  • Invite police, firefighters, CELD, UFCW, etc. to our stand outs.

Grievance Report

Accepted without objection.


Consent Agenda

Accepted without objection.


Motion to adjourn by Tim, 2nd by Zach


Next meeting at The Elks, September 5