Recording Secretary Report-3/19/2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015                                                                                  3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:21                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:52



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Revised Bylaws Presentation
  5. Officer Reports
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Building Rep Training and Support


Thanked Litwin for hosting

Introductions abound

Motion made to bring Bylaw Presentation to after President’s Remarks. Seconded and passed.

Revised Agenda accepted


President’s Remarks

Unit A contract ratified by SC and CEA. We have a new contract.

Chuck wants us to hold to letter and spirit of contract, towards goal of retaining quality teachers.

Library & Media Technicians have joined Unit E

We’re hosting a member forum to foster communication and collaboration within the CEA. It is running from 4-6 at the Polish Home. Dinner is provided.

The mayor has begun visiting each school in the city. He started 3/16/2015 at CHS. He’ll be visiting 2 or 3 more this year.


Bylaw Revision

Chuck read the proposed changes to the CEA Bylaws and Appendixes.

Can be found on the CEA Website under contracts.

Chuck read proposed amendments to CEA Bylaws


Recording Secretary Report

Almost 50% of our 722 Unit A members voted.

Motion accepted and passed


Corresponding Secretary Report

Motion accepted and passed

Email when we know something happens. More info is better than less.


Grievance Chair Report

Highlighted vacation insurance, involuntary transfers (Unit A and B only), and 10 mins after dismissal

Hold up on Szetela is coming up with language for Side Letter.

You don’t have to use a vacation day if you don’t want to.

Motion accepted and passed


Insurance Report

Michele presented on behalf of Sue Amaral

32B met on Feb 24. They voted to accept the new program.

Unit B, flexible savings, were supposed to be taking out for half of year, not full year. Contact City Hall immediately.


Treasurer Report

Email for questions as she is on a field trip.

Motion accepted and passed


Political Action Leader

Surprise, Mathas, and Senquiz attended LPAT Meeting to let people know the current legislative agenda. There are many that benefit educators. Spread word that we are supportive of these and get the word out. These include

  • 3 year moratorium against PAARC administration
  • 3 year moratorium against standardized test to evaluate teachers
  • 3 year moratorium against standardized test to assess a district
  • 3 year moratorium against MCAS graduation requirement
  • Create taskforce of teachers, parents, and stakeholders to determine the future of standardized test use.
  • State picking up the tab on finger printing

We will get involved by mentioning this at a building meeting. Building rep has a prepared script. Call cell phone and share script for attendees to follow suit.


Old Business

B, D, E Negotiations – Sweeney presents Unit B: Unit B is writing up how job has changed. Mary presents Unit D, were close to settling, but after Unit A, closer to mediation. Unit E lead is Kos, she is moving it along.


Building Reports – Building Reps were asked to hold meetings, continue to hold them. Big concerns:

  • Passing Social Security Bill
  • Pushing the CEA Forum


Elementary Report Cards – Still a concern that teachers are being asked to give grades about items they haven’t taught. Inconsistent results throughout district. Admin says they only heard bad from Streiber. Lambert wrote complaints down. There is potential for class-action grievance. A decision needs to be made as a group. Each building was treated differently, this needs to end.


Member Forum 3/26/2015 – More than 50 forums across the state. Barbara Madeloni hasn’t missed a meeting. These are member driven. This is mostly Chicopee, but others in area are invited. There has been much enthusiasm.


Holyoke Update – Holyoke is in process of state takeover (IE Level 4 to Level 5 district-wide). They may be moving to receivership. They have already turned one school over to a Texas-based corporation (the same that runs Dean Tech). MTA is planning to push back because everyone is against level 5 except Superintendent (undecided). Like a contract fight, except for jobs. Petitions are going through the buildings. There will be a table on High Street. There will be 4 forums in 4 days.


New Business

Election Committee – Establish rules and conduct for election. Oversee all CEA elections and advise building reps for building elections.


MTA Convention – Consistently sent members there. Need names for those who wish to be delegates. The convention is on May 8 and 9. Please send interest by April 9th. We have 22 slots available. This is our chance to be involved in the democratic process of the MTA. This is excused release time.


Donna will confirm a retirement party date. Opportunity to celebrate together.


Next meeting at Bellamy