Recording Secretary Report-3/16/2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016                                                                               3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:21                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:41



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business


Thanked all for attending.

Agenda accepted


President’s Remarks

We’re moving forward as a local. First table for Unit A negotiation has met. Second table will meet next month. Unit B, D, and E former negotiation members have been contacted to join in the process.

The goods: 216 signature petition to open back gate at beginning and end of school. Bellamy and Dupont has salad bad for faculty. Visited 3 schools on listening tours.

The bads: several issues against us. We prioritize the issues and try to address them as we can.

We need to address this issue of managing a full time job and executive duties. A By-Law will be drafted for the executive board to examine.


Recording Secretary Report

Motion accepted and passed


Grievance Chair Report

Teachers were hired who weren’t qualified for the job, hence a CEA concern. They are being required to pass the state test or be placed down to regular classroom teacher.

Motion accepted and passed


Treasurer Report

Still some money in MassChild.

Motion accepted and passed


Old Business

Corresponding Secretary – Elonia Lamontagne from CHS was nominated for our new Corresponding Secretary. Ratification vote was Yes 15 No 0. First time in CEA history, the board of directors has voted unanimously!


DDM Negotiations – Still in negotiations for good faith for the state. Working on language with aid of other locals already negotiated language. When finished will bring back for ratification.

There is concern over those teachers who have a DDM that doesn’t measure what they teach. Make sure there is language for a procedure to address DDMs that don’t measure what they teach. Where is the accountability? Principals have NUMEROUS DDMs at their schools. It should measure what we teach or not count towards evaluation.

Other districts have their locals approve every DDM in the district. This would be a major time sink.

Agawam has an appeal process through supervisor and then a mediation process.

There is some concern about DDMs being created first to then design curriculum to teach to this test.

Some DDMs are based on attendance or other irrelevant topics.

MTA rep says it is possible that DDMs will eventually go away.


Unit A Negotiations – The hope this year is to resolve the contract before expiration. The 1st Table will do the negotiation. The 2nd Table will serve as a method of communication with all buildings and content areas. Team has started research about problems in the district and propose solutions. We’re hoping for a bottom up approach to negotiations. Tell others if you know a 2nd table is presenting. April 13, after board meeting, is when the 2nd Table will be presenting

Member Survey is open ended and will be going out soon. Links to Unit A contract and Changes between contracts. It will be sent out 3/17 or 3/18 and will be live for about a week. Will send a secondary reminder on Monday.


Listening Tour – We’ve gone to Barry, Academy, and Stefanik. Dates are on the CEA calendar. Goal is to hear member concerns and encourage involvement from all Units, especially in negotiations. Attendance has been good so far. Some positive places, some negative, but we hope to focus our concerns.


2016 MTA Annual Meeting – May 13 and 14. Three candidates are running for president. It will quite the political event. 10 people have signed up and we can bring a total of 23. We need to let the MTA and hotel know we’re coming. ~1400 usual, though anticipated ~1800 this year.


CEA Scholarship – Any dues paying member with a child may apply for the $150 scholarship. More information on the CEA website. There has only been one application so far.

Suggestion to make a flier for buildings.


Opt Out – Amherst has put resolution before school committee to allow parents to opt out. Students at middle school are speaking out.


New Business

PD Committee – We need PD to help renew our licenses. They want to provide affordable and good PD. There will be one more meeting this year to plan for next year.


Unit B, Unit D, Unit E Negotiations – We care about our members, regardless of Unit. The past was focused on Unit A and passed to other Units. We’re pushing for simultaneous negotiations, but there’s no volunteers yet. Ask Unit B, D, and E members that we know. The executive board will negotiate if none step forward.


Retirement Party – Donna Conroy is working hard on planning the event. Friday, June 3 is current date, but will reschedule due to CCHS graduation. If someone is retiring send the information to HR.


Political Action – State Senators Welch and Lesser will be attending Springfield Education Office on April 11 to listen to Raise Up Massachusetts campaign and charter schools.

We need to tell out elected leaders what we think. They will listen to us.

Students are treating each other like some of the political candidates. Rather than celebrating our diversity, some are driving a wedge.

Charter Schools are exclusionary and difficult to enroll, while still siphoning public funds.

One of the cases before the Supreme Court was concerning Union dues.

Some feel we need to involve parents more in PTOs to combat charters.


To help out the bargaining team, there are lists of members in building. We need to check this info. Mathas has passed out information for confirm. We can ensure that cell phones will not be used by MTA (it is illegal on Federal level). These will only be used for negotiation and CEA purposes.

When contacting Mathas for pick up, include your building name.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, April 13