Recording Secretary Report 2021-03-03

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 4:00-5:00

Starting Time: 4:00 Adjournment Time: 5:30



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Reports from Corresponding Secretary, Political Action Liaison, Recording Secretary)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Grievance Chair’s Report
  6. New Business
  7. Old Business


Consent Agenda

Added Treasurer’s and Grievance Report. Accepted without opposition.


President’s Remarks

The union is like a family. We depend on each other. There are many differences, but our similarities are greater. We can disagree, but still be unified.


New Business

Shared Experiences – Shared different experiences; good and bad about the changes this year


PAC – Goal of including them in the MOA is to help address building unique issues. PAC was supposed to be chosen: 4 by principal, 4 by CEA. If not, let Laura know. Email the PAC members, not principal for initial concerns. PACs have met at CHS, Dupont, Bowie, Lambert, and Barry.


Early Retirement Bill – You need to contribute to MTRS. It may propagate to other Units as well. Up to 5 years of service and 5 years of age that can be “bought” (cost currently unknown). 403b can be used to pay for this without penalty. Needs to pass House and Senate first, then cities will have to adopt as written. City has to backfill positions. Must retire Summer 2021 or Summer 2022. Joe Morissette ( has more details and Laura will be sending out a flier.


Contact your legislators to support this bill.


Winter Conference – Union skills, PDPs, most don’t cost anything


SPED Meeting – SPED members have a monthly meeting with Laura to help be heard.


New MTA Field Rep – Mary Ellen Cauldenwood is new rep from MTA reorganizing


Side Letters – Hopefully done by end of the week. When finished, Laura will send it to us.


Point/Counterpoint – CEA meetings should be a place where members can openly share their thoughts without fear of judgement.


Health Metrics – Each building should have a health and safety member to address individual building concerns. Numbers have been trending down. There was no post-Super Bowl spike. There has been no proven in school transmission. This may change on Friday. Email Kelly Walsh if you have district wide concerns, building concerns should go to PAC or CAT.


Go Fund Me for Members – A lot of members had to take unpaid LOA, families are struggling. Laura is checking with MTA legal and bylaws to see how we can support each other.


ALANA – Looking to get the school committee to better represent the demographics of Chicopee


District SPED Meetings – Meet with Andrea Stolar to sort out SPED issue vs. union issue, etc.



  • Make sure MOA is followed; by you, by staff, and by students. (i.e. people using PPE properly, filters on all day, etc.) If it isn’t, talk to your principal and let your building rep or CAT know.
  • Some ADAs are being refused in order to do a hybrid. If it is not serious enough, use LOA, FMLA, sick time, etc. Details on CEA website (
  • There are plenty of monitors, headsets, and other technology. Ask your principal.



Next Meeting via Zoom on April 7, 2021