Recording Secretary Report 2020-11-04

Website update

  • Contracts are being cleaned up and will be posted on the website
  • COVID-19 information is also being updated on the website
  • MTA isn’t always up to date with emails, Robbin Lussier has been keeping CEA up to date

President’s Remarks

  • This is a time for unification and support of each other.
  • Don’t compare your situation to others’.
  • We are equitable in that we all have a voice through Laura to admin.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Our financial status should not be public information and could be used against us in negotiations

Committees Update

  • Health Metrics Committee: Trends are increasing. This committee is why we halted at Phase 2 rather than advance.
  • SPED Committee: Meet weekly, all SPED monthly update
  • Air Quality: They are looking at the clinic, isolation room, cafeteria, gym, and select rooms. The outside company needs to be contacted for results and clarification. Comp, Dupont, High, Maintenance, and 180 are looking good so far. Scrubbers are loud, but work, though they will still need to change filters.
  • ALANA: There is large diversity among students, but not among the City Council or School Committee. They have met with Senator Lesser and Mayor Vieau.

MTA/NEA Grants (Robbin Lussier at

  • MTA: MassChild, due by Dec 31
  • MTA: All In Grant
  • MTA: PR&O Grant
  • MTA: Remote Learning Grant
  • MTA: BCBS Relief Fund
  • NEA: Community Advocacy and Partnership
  • NEA: Safe and Just Schools


  • Last week there was no internal transmission. As of today there is at least one confirmed case in the buildings.
  • CDC guidelines are a combined amount of 15 mins throughout the day counts as close contact, not contiguous.
  • DESE has shown that they don’t care about the health of individuals.
  • Laura will be discussing terms of snow days
  • Getting everything in writing with this past summer’s issues

Full Remote Possibility

  • There is a chance given trends
  • School Committee will need to vote
  • Asked for a week’s heads up. Asked for going remote for standard wait time.

Contract Negotiations

  • Time to start negotiations for the 2021-2024.
  • Need volunteers


  • Contact your CAT members first, they will pass questions on to Laura.
  • Emails are generally sent to personal emails rather than CPSGE accounts.
  • Monthly Zoom meetings, every 1st Wednesday 4:30-5:30
  • School Committee 1st and 3rd Wednesday starting at 7:00

MTA Update

  • “Only When It’s Safe” Campaign. More money, more time, less testing, less evaluation. K-12 is level funded (same funding as last year). Brookline went on strike for 6ft rule
  • FSO (Field Staff Organizers) contract ratified