Recording Secretary Report 2019-10-02

Wednesday, October 2, 2019                                                                               3:15-4:30

Starting Time: 3:20                                                                   Adjournment Time: 4:30



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and PAL Reports)
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Treasurer Reports
  5. Grievance Report
  6. New Business
  7. Old Business

President’s Remarks

Hope more members continue to attend the All Member Meetings

ULP Update: Moved to mediation. They will not give more than $10/member. Result is looking to fix the process rather than going to a hearing. Any raise will be given within three pay cycles, one unit at a time. Language for written apology is in the works. It will be posted in all buildings for 30 days.

The process is becoming better. Please talk to immediate supervisors first.


Treasurer Report

Accepted without objection.


Grievance Report

Accepted without objection.


MTA Report

MTA Climate Strike on September 20 was endorsed MTA

NEA 360 implemented. Members visiting throughout summer/summer conference

Fund Our Future – band aid, still pushing for legislative action

Annual Meeting this year in Springfield


New Business

MTA Grants – All In Grant money and PRO grant money ideas:

  • Something from CEA during Staff Appreciation week.
  • Breakfast was good last year.
  • Should non-members be included


CEA Donations – How to give to members in distress. Would need to rewrite a policy for the Sunshine Fund.

CAT Teams will gather information about need. CEA will publish information about fundraising.

Email information to Corresponding Secretary.


New Officers/Appointed Positions – Lauren Garlett is the New Member Coordinator, Kim Roy is the Corresponding Secretary, Sarah Grady is the Unit D Coordinator.

Looking for a Webmaster


New Member Coordinator – role is to engage new members. First plan is to create a new member social, Thursday November 14 at Collegian Court. We want to make every new member welcome.


Change Time of All Member Meetings – Laura wants to include more members by changing time. Vote to change time 3:30 gather time and 3:40 start time unopposed.


Old Business

Air Conditioning Update – It is a large project. They don’t want to disrupt classes.


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.

Next meeting at The Elks, November 6