Recording Secretary Report 2018-11-07

Wednesday, November 7, 2018                                                                            3:15-4:15

Starting Time: 3:22                                                                   Adjournment Time: 4:39



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. President’s Remarks
  3. Treasurer Reports
  4. Grievance Report
  5. New Business
  6. Old Business
  7. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and PAL Reports)

President’s Remarks

Hope to have a good showing in (Communication Action Together) CAT Team Training, 11/14

All 3 Units (A, B, E) that the CEA have ratified will be ratified by the School Committee.

Chicopee is one of 4 districts who are illegally forcing members to re-enroll. City HR has a list of some members because 1) can’t read signature, 2) marital status change, and 3) random other members were lost.

The only harm with asking members is that people may opt out. Then show them the list of benefits.

Many involuntary transfers in the district because they don’t want to put teacher’s back in the classroom to force people to quit rather than pay. A class action lawsuit is in the works.

We are one of the few districts with a transparent budget.

We need to have more 10 minute meetings to inform our members.


Grievance Report

Accepted without objection.


New Business

Formation of CEA Committees – Started by lack of cleanliness in school

Health and Safety Committee (to report on building safety and conditions): Accepted without objection

Community Engagement Committee (to rally and engage community members to support actions): Accepted without objection

Member Engagement and Social Opportunities Committee (to organize and provide opportunities for member engagement and social settings): Accepted without objection

We need volunteers for the committees.


Treasurer Report

All In Grant went from $4 per member to $10 per member

Accepted without objection.


New Business (Continued)

Unit E Coordinator – taking letters of interest for a new Unit E coordinator. It is a stipend position.


Incident Reports and Safety – Incident reports should be filled out and handed to the principal who gives it to Mr. Morton. Nobody should be instructed to not to fill out a report.

Severe autism classrooms, there are some exceptions because it is part of the expectation.

Negligence is deliberate indifference.


CEA Christmas Party – Tuesday, December 11 at the Portuguese Club. We always need more raffle prizes.

Raffle money goes to the Scholarship Fund.


Organizing and Charting Buildings – Goal is to get a date for a 10 minute meeting. The goal of these meetings are to disseminate information and return feedback to the board.


Payroll Deductions – By Friday 11/16, need payroll deductions signed. Fill out everything but the red box.


Old Business

Contract Update – Unit A, B, and E have been ratified by their members. They will be ratified 11/14 at the School Committee Meeting.


Consent Agenda

Accepted without opposition.


CAT Training


Next meeting at Dupont, December 12