Recording Secretary Report-12/17/2014

Wednesday, December 17, 2014                                                                         3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:20                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:45



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Building Rep Training and Support


Introductions abound

Agenda accepted

Thanked Lambert-Lavoir for hosting


President’s Remarks

Thanked the crisis team to help the contract negotiation team

Remarked the November 19th meeting. December 3rd meeting also got coverage.

Discussed the fire hazard from the 19th and the cycling to accommodate the fire code on the 3rd. This violated open meeting law. They are prepared to move should the crowd be too large again.

January21st School Committee Meeting will be held in the auditorium of Chicopee Comprehensive High School. We will cooperate by limiting our numbers for the next 2 school committee meetings.

Negotiations have resumed and progress has been made. Details must wait until an agreement is reached. Next meeting is on January 8th.

Resolution of mediation could be between 1 and 16 meetings. Mediation is there because we’ve previously reached a deadlock.

Discussed concerns over assistant superintendent of curriculum concerning the elementary report cards and grading standards as well as mutual respect. They acknowledge concerns and will address concerns on a site by site basis by meetings between principals and teachers. The only flaw is if someone dams the process, building reps should be kept in the loop. Similarly we’ll be able to check the reports from principals to make sure they jive with what we know from teachers.

The principals should be initiating the meeting. Please let Christine Theroux know when this occurs.

Claim of violation of mutual respect was initially brushed aside. Chuck Clark will be attending the next meeting as an observer.


Recording Secretary Report

Motion accepted and passed


Corresponding Secretary Report

No report. Will be acting on new information from Lambert-Lavoie’s librarian.

His email is Let him know if something happens. More info is better than less.


Grievance Chair Report

No active grievances, but a few issues.


Treasurer Report

Arbitration is a one time fee.

Money for Floyd Patterson Band and expenditure came to ~$1600.

Mary voiced her concern and others for the increase in cost increase. Chuck Clark takes full responsibility for ignorance of protocol.

There was a discussion towards the purpose of the holiday party as being either just as a gathering or as a fundraiser.

Asked if dress-down money can be used to help supplement fund.

By-laws say that money in excess of budgeted amount must be brought to the Board for approval.

Motion accepted and passed



~275 teachers responded for interest in the holiday party.

Party is union members (and retirees) only, but again Chuck Clark apologizes and takes responsibility for it.

Chuck Clark will send out clarification email that it is for union members (and retirees) only

A specific budget w/ a line item for the entire party might solve this in the future.

Should clarify for the Spring retirement party about the retirees bringing spouses


Crisis Team

Kourtney Senquez says the crisis meeting has met a few times. Pull away from school committee meetings and some showed to negotiation meeting yesterday.

We want to have a parent and a student from each grade level (or building) to speak and the 21st School Committee Meeting.

Great response from parents and community.

PTO meetings are posted on CEA calendar.

Talk up the 21st. Let them know that the city will be coming if we don’t have a contract.

Send photos of signs to Jake Hulseberg.


Old Business

SEI Endorsement – Michele Foley just finished the long bridge. Instructors make a world of difference.

Jason Surprise completed it last year, you should get notification when you’re endorsement has been approved. Finished in April, endorsement arrived at end of August.


DDMs – MTA legal suggests that we comply for now, but indication that these will shrivel and die on their own. MTA pushes back against standardized tests and ties to teacher evaluation.

Will MTA align with Association of Superintendents? The only concern is pertaining to Republican governor.

American Statistical Association wrote about DDMs model. Concerns based on false interpretation of misleading data.


Professional Behavior – Remind people that we need to be cautious with how we interact with students. We need to remain professional and keep the professional line. Specifically, only contact students via school accounts.


Contract Negotiation Update – Big difference in tone in mediation. Crisis Team is having a significant effect! Keep the momentum and go for the finishing blow.


New Business

By-Law Committee – Create subcommittee and must be presented at general meeting. Goal to clarify and update by-laws. Will call volunteers at next meeting.


Holiday Party – 12/22/2014 at Knights of Columbus on Memorial Drive. Email sent out to clarify CEA members and retirees only.

Motion to authorize money $5000 for KoC, $500 for raffle, and $1600 for band ($7200). Motion accepted.

Discussion that we’re stuck with current scenario, though there is much dissent with the situation pertaining to the band. A note should be made to vote before acting next year.

9 in favor. 7 opposed. Motion passes


CEA Banner – $200 cost. A banner may already exist in the CEA office.

We can use this at sponsored activities and announce our presence.


Question: Was the stop going to the Hu Ke Lau cutting costs?

Jake says he criticized the costs and voted against the motion.

Chuck clarifies that he hopes to provide opportunity for new people to attend the meetings.


Building Rep Training/Support

Anytime there was an issue of accuse, should go directly to MTA legal.

MTA legal doesn’t cover a Weingarten meeting. If it is criminal, it would go straight to legal.

Accusing of support, it can vary from case to case.

If feel like you’re over your head, you have the right to stop the meeting.


Next meeting at Barry