Recording Secretary Report – 12/13/2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017                                                                         3:15-4:30

Starting Time: 3:30                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:13



  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business
  5. Treasurer Reports
  6. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)

Introductions abound

Agenda accepted without objection.

President’s Remarks

We began planning negotiations in early 2016, then negotiated 2016-2017. There were no summer dates available. We began W2R October 30 for 5 weeks. Attendance at school committee meetings have been putting pressure on them, with up to 300 attendees. Kos authorized a task force to review education department’s budget. 11/28 School Committee refused to move until the task force gives results. We cleared up some language and moved some budgetary effects (art and music clubs at the elementary schools). We started a temporary hiatus on W2R. Unit B and D returns Jan 31, Unit A returns February 5. On Fridays we continue to stand out and wear black. We now have to be patient for the budget report.


Old Business

Going Forward During the Hiatus – There’s one goodie bag for every building which includes;

  • Signs for local businesses to show their support for Chicopee Educators (please keep track of which business agree and we’ll provide a list of those business on our website.
  • Contact lists that need information to avoid using the CPSGE accounts.
  • Holiday cards to be addressed to School Committee members (either for your Ward or for the Ward in which you work.) Keep the tone civil. Please bring them to the CEA Holiday Party. We can send to the Mayor and City Council as well. They do not need to be stamped.

These are all hoping to generate good will and unity.


Mass Child – Pre-approve purchases for our students in need and the MTA will reimburse us. Any questions ask Chuck Clark as he is the contact person.


Holiday Party 12/19/2017 – 220 RSVP from all schools and central office. We always need volunteers for raffle tickets.

CTE has made and donated plant hangers and donating a drafting desk.


ULP Resolved – Against Mr. Rege for bargaining in the press. Rege wrote a letter avoid making statements like that again and bargaining in good faith. So far he has done so. Chuck Clark read the letter to those in attendance.


New Business

Unit E Mediation 11/29/2017 – All 4 have now file for mediation. Each side pays $500.


Mayor Kos’ Education Task Force – The task force has a very big job. Some want to examine line items to find cuts. Other groups want to have a larger conversation of percentages of the budget as compared to other districts. There was a lot revealed about how the budget was figured out, which will be made public to ensure a public, transparent budgetary process.

The objective of the committee is make recommendations to utilize money more efficiently and save money.

Members of the Task Force are not getting paid.

While we get compared to Springfield (with one superintendent, they use different titles for administrators)

The new people were unaware of the step raises, which caused the deficit.

Josh Clark and Sondra Roy are CEA members of the committee.

There are thousands of line items. There seems to people who are hunting for consultants or smaller classrooms, but these are unlikely to be anywhere near 3 million dollars.

Chicopee funds the district at 3% above the state’s bare minimum. Many districts are funding well above (~40%). City Council is wary about spending more money, but would like it to be spent more efficiently.

There is a push to consolidate human resources and maintenance.


Election Committee – We will be forming an election committee as Chuck Clark will not be running for office again. If an election is necessary, we will need volunteers for it.


By-Laws Committee – Another committee will be needed to continue to revise and update our bylaws.


By-Law Amendment – Ben Eisen put forth a by-law amendment to ensure participation in the union and it was read for the first time.


MTA Winter Conference – Available opportunity for PDPs that are required for license renewal.


Treasurer Report

Accepted without objection.


Grievance Report

Nothing printed, but Michele went through the grievances.

Be aware of the notice about per diem. We should be paid if we are force to work during our prep period.

Another ULP in the works for being forced to work a job she was unqualified for and denied a leave of absence when she was transferred.

Personal time and sick time can be taken in 15 minute increments. Flex time may prove to be a solution to improper proportions being deducted.

Accepted without objection.


PAL Update – Eric Lesser listening to how there is a struggle with funding from the state. We are supporting a bill in the Ways and Means Committee. This includes the moratorium on high stakes testing. Talk to school committee members and others to get signatures for this.


Consent Agenda

Accepted without objection.


Next meeting at The Elks, January 17