Recording Secretary Report-1/13/2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016                                                                              3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:20                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:56



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business


Chuck apologized for late start

Thanked all for attending


President’s Remarks

We’re moving in the right direction, but Chuck hopes to engage more members to come here.

We’re halfway through current contract and hopes that the next negotiation cycle will be prompt.

The issue of raising the cap on charter schools will be up to a public vote soon. More charter school will siphon funds from public schools to benefit a minority of students and draw teachers away from union jobs.

The Supreme Court will be voting soon on whether public employees will need to pay either union or agency fees. There is much concern over ours and other locals.

Chuck motions to suspend agenda to discuss engagement of our members.

It was clarified that the agenda will be suspended until 4 PM for discussion.

No objection for motion.


Engagement Sidebar

It was suggested to send out little facts about the contract to foster interest.

Activity to write a headline after full participation of CEA:

  • CEA Unanimously Endorses School Committee Candidate
  • Teachers Stand in Support of Each Other
  • Teacher Lead Committees Revamp Public School Curriculum
  • Chicopee Parents and Teachers Help Eliminate High Stakes Testing
  • Unified Front of School Committee and Union Coerce DESE to Allow Fun in Schools Again
  • New Era of Cooperation between School Committee and Teachers

Activity to write what our buildings need to bring back to the members:

  • Information about SEI coming from many conflicting sources. Clarification of state mandates would be nice.
  • Reminder of fingerprinting
  • New Teacher Information. New teachers are overwhelmed
  • Reach out to mentors for new teachers to help the new teachers out.

Activity to write what we need from these board meetings to meet the needs of our members:

  • Time for open discussion
  • More time for members to talk
  • Bring up questions and concerns at the beginning before the regular agenda
  • Clarification of what we can bring back to the members, perhaps a script to announce at faculty meetings.
  • 10 minute meetings that are regular to field questions and foster discussion. It opens lines of communication
  • Make public knowledge of a set time for the board meetings rather than lengthy board meetings
  • Union announcements midway through faculty meetings or at the start


Recording Secretary Report

Motion accepted and passed


Corresponding Secretary Report

Motion accepted and passed


Grievance Chair Report

Motion accepted and passed


Treasurer Report

Not present



Jean Sherlock and Jason Surprise have been attending meetings related to an opt out movement opposed to high stakes testing.

Motion accepted and passed


Old Business

Unit D & E Contracts – Signed on 1/7/2016. Retro checks should hopefully arrive before the end of school. Encourage Unit D and E members to patient as these are being calculated by hand and those are understaffed.


Electronic Voting Passed – 124-23 at the holiday party.


Holiday Party – Raised $2300 for CEA Scholarship fund


DDM Negotiations and CEA Survey – No next meeting scheduled yet. We’re analyzing survey. DDMs are being removed in districts across the state.

Some teachers are being forced to do legwork for admin’s DDMs.


New Business

Vacant Positions – Corresponding Secretary and Unit E Coordinator. Invite and bring a Unit E member to the board meeting. Unit E feels excluded

Ann Kos filled the Corresponding Secretary position on a temporary basis. Ask the payroll clerks in the building.


Negotiations 2017-2020 – Both sides want this done promptly.

6 person Negotiation Team

Second table will be building reps. If building reps don’t want to do it, find someone who will. The second table will have all disciplines and levels to allow a flow of information back and forth between schools and Negotiation Team. Additional goal of building more face time including not signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Questions of whether the meetings will be open or open to 2nd team

Concern about SPED representation.

The timeline will be stricter to apply for mediation. The time limit was very effective.

Nondisclosure and ground rules are not a subject for negotiation.

Short email to begin process of getting involved in contract negotiation


Opting Out – MTA business

Members want to know what we can say about opting out. It is not entirely clear, but be careful what you say. Many teachers are organizing in their living communities (not working communities)

Do we want to put at risk communities such as Springfield and Holyoke under the gun? There is a movement in Springfield.

There will hopefully be a list of do’s and don’ts soon. Enlist the aid of parents who are already informed, and refer questions to them.

Those who opt out count as a zero.

When we choose our path, we want to cooperate with School Committee.


CEA Communication – How can we get people to communicate through personal emails instead of school emails.

Send emails with links to check info on the website rather than sending info through the email.


Listening Tours – There isn’t enough time between now and the end and would like to combine schools if possible. An email with dates will be forthcoming. The dates and times are a little flexible.

Locations need to be secured.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, February 10