Recording Secretary Report-11/19/2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014                                                                                    3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:21                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:39



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business
  7. Building Rep Training and Support


Thanked Streiber for hosting


Agenda accepted


President’s Remarks

Attended MTA Presidents meeting from Western Mass. Primary concern was tying license to evaluation. Last Friday DESE rescinded this proposal and canceled the two remaining forums.

Use as a model to prepare for our own Contract Activism. MTA won because the members were active.

Timing is important. DESE was not used to us fighting. School committee isn’t used to push back either.

We need to show and act in solidarity to win our contract. Estimate of 200-300 at November 3rd meeting.

We need to fight to win. We may not always win, but if we don’t fight we won’t win.


Recording Secretary Report

Motion for accepted and passed.


Corresponding Secretary Report

Fixed email address.

Chuck added it is important to pass information on to Jason otherwise he might not know.

Motion for accepted and passed.


Grievance Chair Report

Class Action Unit 2A is not resolved.

Question concerning the ULP for a 35 day termination. They got in trouble for collaborating with other teachers on their own time.

Motion for accepted (with correction) and passed.

Tim has put a Grievance Form on the website to ease process (top right menu)


Treasurer Report

Motion for accepted and passed.



Because 40%+ is paid by members, Mayor Kos is endorsing revitalizing. $150,000 still available for health insurance from previous health plan. Discussing ways to use this in accordance with an MOA.

Dental Blue rollover $1000 unused from previous year.

Working on logistics for adding a +1 category instead of single or family.

Plan to have monthly meetings until new broker has been resolved.

Questions on insurance should be referred to Human Resources (Jo Ann Spence), Mayor has final say on it.

Intentions behind this is to restore to what Kos had been used to when he was in administration


Old Business

Building Rep Training – Books are available on request from Jason Mathas (via Ben Eisen). They are good reference.


Chicopee Member Forum – Event was canceled due to impending organization for contract negotiation. Once this is resolved, we hope to reschedule this. It would provide a chance for us to add our voice and push back against things that serve to hinder us.


Contract Negotiation Update – Deadlocked over two main issues of time and money. Information was disseminated to people at November 3rd. We hope that turn out at today’s School Committee Meeting will be able to show solidarity to the School Committee. Next step is December School Committee Meeting, then outreach to parents.

Links to School Committee Meeting videos on Chicopee Public School website.

We are prepared if they want to limit our time, create most effective mix and request more time for next time. Rules are 30 minutes at start of meeting and no single person speak for more than 5 minutes.

To account for large numbers, we will cycle people in so they can see our large numbers.

Unit D is very close.

Unit B has exchanged proposals.

Unit E hasn’t met yet.


All CEA Meeting – There was great turn out and many volunteers to help with the process. 37 volunteered for Crisis/Negotiation Support Team


New Business

School Committee Meetings – 11/19/2014 Tonight is a party to celebrate our solidarity. 150-200 teachers turning out tonight. We will fill the time that they give us. Don’t ask for permission to stand somewhere. Lead the cheers when you agree. Show your support and make it an event. After meeting we go to Blue Room. Biggest problem is not enough space/time. If this is the case, we’ve done our job. We show up at 6:30.

No pictures for worries about non-PTS. MassLive has posted article and there will be news coverage

Sign in when you get there.


Crisis Team Meeting – 11/20/2014. Main task to pick up momentum and continue our activism. Continue using Black Friday.

At Chicopee Comp Library, 3:30-5:30

Membership list needs to be updated. Cell phones would be useful.


Holiday Party – 12/22/2014 at Knights of Columbus on Memorial Drive. At least one raffle prize per school is request.


Report Cards – Are being discussed in HR and the lack of uniformity. Concern over progress reports becoming report cards. Elementary being graded on all strands and standards. Worry over larger issue pertaining to evaluations. We’re being graded on progress and told how to teach.

Jake suggests that we shouldn’t just accept this is what is being told. If we disagree, we should fight back.

We’re not being treated as professionals. Admin is sewing conflict between teachers, parents, and students.


Building Rep Training/Support

Jason Surprise shared experience with his first big task: Community member is having an issue and Jason has no clue about the issue. “Hi my name is Jason, I’m here to help you. Tell me everything.” He got hugged and thanked multiple times.

Go back to building and build solidarity.

Encourage the members to get away from k12. Subscribing to this through non-k12 email. You can change preferences at any time. It is a simple process.

Concern voiced over non-PTS people and protecting them. This is still a main interest.

Chuck gave story and we want to encourage people to do only what they feel comfortable


We plan to black out with all cps.


Next meeting at Lambert-Lavoie