Recording Secretary Report-11/18/2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015                                                                                    3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:20                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:05



  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business


Introductions abound.

Chuck apologizes for starting late.

Locations were switched to CCHS because Polish Home was not handicap accessible.

Adam Boutilier’s son has cancerous tumor, but positive prognosis. Child is at Streiber.

Robbin comments that this may fall under the Cheer Fund rather than CEA dues being put to it directly. Individuals can donate freely.

One school has donated dress down money for it. School should write check rather than individuals.

Suggestion for benefit dinner, one is already being scheduled.

Money can be sent C.O. Chuck Jasak at Comp


President’s Remarks

Why are we here? Chuck is here because they feel they were robbed by CEA by adding 8 minutes to the school day. Chuck volunteered as building rep and 2 contract negotiations. The important tasks were always ID concerns, organizing building, and helping people. Thanked us all for being involved.


RecordingSecretary Report

Motion accepted and passed



Grievance Chair Report

2 MOA’s still being discussed

Specialized Position

Form on Teachpoint is for state requirements. This is NOT mandated for teachers to complete.

Flight Delay and no personal days, days were docked.

Secretary Postings changed job descriptions without consulting.

Some teachers are worried about insubordination if supervisor’s discuss. The form should ONLY include what is the DDM and when is it being implemented.

Discussion tabled for old business.

Motion accepted and passed


No Corresponding Secretary Report


Treasurer Report

Investigation member dues (cause: no notice on non-renewal, summer, etc.)

Dues will be taken automatically as soon as they return. Main worry is associated with MTA products (insurance, mortgage, etc.)

Motion to accept and approved.


Old Business

Unit E Tentative Agreement – Ratification vote is on 11/30/2015 at CCHS in auditorium. Starting at 3:15-4:30. The changes will be provided (via email) 5 days prior to the vote.


Holiday Party – Tuesday, December 15, 20153PM at Knights of Columbus on Memorial Drive. Buildings take up collections for a basket. This is where we raise the bulk of our money for scholarships. Send RSVPs by December 8. Any questions, email Donna Conroy,


Electronic Voting Amendment – Passed at last month’s Board Meeting. Next step is a General Meeting. There will be a discussion December 8, 2015 at CHS auditorium, 3:15-4:15. The vote will occur on December 15, 2015 at Christmas party.


DDM Negotiations with CSC – It has to measure what we teach. CEA has shown evidence that this is contrary to current process.

Jake made a motion to appropriate $30 to make a survey for all CEA members. This will hopefully gauge whether members think DDMs are heading in the appropriate direction. Google has a worry about logging in to account. Plan is to have a survey at the start for Holiday party, then a few weeks later we’ll send out this survey. It will be sent through k12, but clarify that it is anonymous. Questions will be: Does it assess what you are teaching? Do you have a choice in what you’re assessing? What grade level do you teach?

Motion passed.

We are currently required to say we’re giving DDMs, when we’re giving DDMs, what the DDMs are, and that data has been collected. If need to fill out forms, send to Michele Foley.

Elementary school principal is telling teachers Lynn Clark is requiring the form, while members of DDM Negotiation heard her say this was optional.

We should not flat out refuse any direct orders to fill a form. Pass this information along to Christine Theroux to bring to DDM Negotiations.


Raise Up MA – We raised 338 signatures, 8th in the state (behind much larger districts)! This kind of union building helps us out.


New Business

Appropriations: Survey Monkey (Holdiday Party Band) – There was a significant financial impact for the live band. It was to help unify and bring people together. Chuck was planning to allocate money, but since we are running at a deficit, Chuck can’t do so in good conscious. Previous DJ was inexpensive (~$300) and good. The hall doesn’t have sound system. Request that there is space to dance. Some concern that live band was too loud.

Robbin proposes appropriation of $300 to hire a professional DJ. Motion passes unanimously.


Negotiations 2017-2020 – Superintendent is equally disgusted about the long negotiations. We’ll be soliciting for volunteers in January. Goal is to finish Negotiations in April 2017. We’re hoping to get as many involved as possible. There will be a 6 person (2 elementary, 2 middle, 2 high) primary team to directly negotiation with a second table to bring concerns and gauge input from subjects/grade levels/buildings. There are 2-3 meetings a month, lasting 3-4 hours, with the Joint Labor Committee (Human Resources, Superintendent, and some CSC).

Second table is a smaller commitment, 3-4 meetings over whole process with 2-3 hour meetings. These can be union reps.

Survey will be going out to gauge interest and to identify those interested in Negotiating. There will also be listening tours throughout the buildings.

In March, training and data organization will occur.

In April, Second table will start to communicate Negotiation Team’s strategy and the import things to the Negotiation Committee.

In November, negotiations will start. 10 meetings (2/mo until April). Then we go to mediation.

The goal is to negotiate a contract in a timely fashion.


MTA Annual Meeting – Friday, May 13, 2015 and Saturday, May 14, 2015 are MTA annual meeting in Boston, MA. We’ve taken up to 20. Those who attend can vote! This year is an election year. Presidential Candidates are: Tim Sullivan (previous president), Barbara Madeloni (current present), and Janet Anderson (current VP).


Building Concerns – Hard copy of Unit A contract distributed. Most building reps are feeling that the buildings are doing reasonably well.

Breakfast in the classroom seems like additional workload (forms and prep). Some teachers are less involved, but those who are involved are not volunteers. Division of work seems unfair. The extra workload is more stressful. 3 elementary schools are involved/piloting the program. Students can keep unused in a sharing basket at later time. It would be enlightening to have someone observe the full 90 minute ordeal. Principals want to hear anything that’s positive.

There may have been an MOA (will be researched), but changes may need to be made. Rege and Clark may observe during a meeting date.

Welcome ideas to make new and old teacher involvement fun.

Change language of emails to be more inviting, that all members are welcome. Clarify the Building Reps are the Board of Directors.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School (probably in the Library), December 16