Recording Secretary Report-10/12/2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016                                                                            3:15-5:15

Starting Time: 3:40                                                                  Adjournment Time: 4:18



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Welcome
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Officer Reports (Consent Agenda)
  5. Old Business
  6. New Business

Ben motioned to accept agenda. Seconded by Elonia. It passed without objection.

President Remarks

Chuck hopes for a short meeting to focus mainly on phone banking.

There was a round table discussion about the Save Our Public Schools Campaign and the various ways we’ve participated in the campaign so far.


Consent Agenda

Chuck identified the rules of a consent agenda. This includes;

  • Recording Secretary’s Report
  • Corresponding Secretary’s Report
  • Grievance Report
  • PAL’s Report
  • Committee Appointments
  • Ann Kos Appointment as Unit E Coordinator

Jason motions to accept use of a consent agenda. Passed without objection.

Jake motioned to accept consent agenda. Jean seconded. Passed without objection.


Treasurer Report

Lussier was not in attendance.


Old Business

CEA Negotiations – School Committee proposed a 1 year contract, with an opener to discuss financial opener after governor’s budget. It was unanimously rejected. They asked for an extensions to the date. Unit D and A meeting on 10/13/2016 was cancelled.

This information should be disseminated tomorrow.

First meeting is 13 of October. We have 5 on the team with 21 proposals.

Second Table has already heard Unit A proposals

Unit B: October 13, Nov 21, Jan 5

Unit D: Oct 27, Dec 1, Jan 19

Unit E: Nov 9, Dec 15, Feb 2

Severe budget cuts depend on state politics and could happen at any time.


New Business

SchoolBrains Issues – Tim Sweeney has been put on the Student Information Systems Team to meet with Telecom to hopefully make SchoolBrains more user friendly.


Need Chair of Scholarship Committee – Responsibilities include putting out applications, collecting applications, verify names of receivers of the scholarships, and disseminate this information.


CEA Social Gatherings – The Holiday Party has been successful in the past. Considering a different way to celebrate retirees. Contact Donna with questions or comments.

Please contact local businesses to get donations for the Scholarship Raffle.


Paraprofessionals don’t have mailboxes in multiple buildings.


Unit A payroll has now been corrected in the third check. Gather information if contrary. This does not include the back pay for the first two paychecks. Hopefully this retro will be in the next check.


Technology issues occur. When do annoyances become grievances?

Chuck hopes that Tim will now make telecom more user-friendly.

If supplies aren’t given in a timely manner, make notes of it for Negotiation Meeting.

There is new technology, but no increase in personnel to support it.

Gather relative information.


Rest of meeting time spent on No on 2 phone banking


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, Teacher Cafeteria, November 16