Recording Secretary Report – 09/13/2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017                                                                         3:15-4:15

Starting Time: 3:22                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:13



  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. New Business
  4. Old Business
  5. Treasurer Reports
  6. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)

Addressed building change and agenda change.

Agenda passed without objection.


New Business

Meeting at the Elks – CEA used to meet here ~10 years ago. Brett Vitero offered The Elks for us. We should decide as a group where we want to meet.

Jim addressed the concern that most members don’t realize that the Board of Director’s Meetings are open.

Ali addressed concern about the conflict between after school meetings on the days of CEA meetings. Chuck will suggest a district wide day for meetings or one day when meetings don’t happen.

Suggestion to move CEA meetings to Thursday, and all in attendance show that it is doable.

Jean suggests changing the name to CEA Monthly Meeting

Mathas suggests have 2 or 3 locations for the meeting and cycling the meetings.

The old cycle had some issues with reminding, but if active members, the school was well attended.

Set up Remind to inform members.

Jim says the HuKeLau was very well attended, but there were occasional privacy issues. There is now a curtain divider. ~$100 per meeting.

Instructions on how to add CEA Calendar to Google account.

Key efforts: Accessible, Attended, Price, Updating Members


Board Discussions – Concerns in the building. Encourage people to come to the meetings. Invite people to come and share.


Small Groups – Discussion of issues and ways to solve problems.

We have the right to have representation at a meeting. It doesn’t need to be a union rep, but just a second set of ears to prevent bullying.

Has Principal Advisory Committees been implemented in all buildings? How was it assembled? Is it functional?

Building Rep Training, October 4 at HCC, Kittredge Center 301, 4PM-7PM


Listening Tour Sign Up – Sign up with goal to get into every building.


General Meeting – 9/20/2017 with the goal of addressing that we’ve started another year without a contract.


Chicopee City Council – 9/21/2017, starting at 6:30 at City Hall. Section 19 committee to negotiate insurance with public employees. Please attend and show support!


PD Committee – Lynn Clark posted the positions. It is generally poorly applied for.

Is PD determined by the state?

Veterans don’t respond because there is belief that nothing is done about it.


Raise Up Massachusetts Coalition – Paid Family Medical Leave. It will raise the floor for paid leave.

Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, which does not apply to public sector due to unfunded mandate laws. If ¾ legislature agrees, it can be put applied.

It indirectly affects us and helps build coalitions with those who helped us with the No on 2 Campaign.


Old Business

President Release Time – Cost us nothing for this year.


Bylaw Revision – For the future, how do we activate it.


DDMS – We are no longer require to administer DDMs. Chuck will send out the regulations and language.

We should use the language that data was collected and is on file.

They can’t require it until language has been bargained.


Treasurer Report


Consent Agenda

Motion to accept consent agenda by Jason Surprise, seconded by Kathy Abood. Consent agenda passed without objection.


Grievance Report

Accepted without objection.


Next meeting at The Elks, October 11