Recording Secretary Report – 05/17/2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017                                                                                  3:15-4:15

Starting Time: 3:26                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:08



  1. Presentation of Agenda
  2. Welcome
  3. President’s Remarks
  4. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)
  5. Treasurer Reports
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business

Agenda passed without objection.

City-wide CPO talked to parents. Mayor visited elementary school commenting on art fair. A comment was made that it would be nice to have art all the time.


President Remarks

It is a time of waiting; some for summer, some for admin changes, some for standardized testing. It is vital that we engage as many people as possible as changes are coming from turn around plans, etc.

There are many reasons why people can’t make meetings, but we need to outreach more. Chuck would like to restart listening tours to engage our members. We would like to include all schools, especially elementary which is often out of the loop, at their convenience.


Consent Agenda

To the recording secretary’s report, list of members; add Jessica Evans, Kelli Malke, Amy Platt, Charles Clark, Robbin Lussier

Accepted without objection.


Grievance Report

Grievance 1A is resolved and we hope that they will follow up with it.

There’s a lack of communication with regard to timelines and grievances. This may reflect the change in Human Resources.

Looking for trends with transfers throughout the district. There should be reflection within evaluations.

Accepted without objection.


Treasurer Report

Balance looks high because we haven’t paid dues yet.

Those who earn the scholarship get letters of notification. A public announcement should be made, through the website.

Retirement comes from coaching, summer school, as well as main teaching.

Accepted without objection.


Old Business

Unit B, D, and E Negotiations –Units B seems like it’s stalling and won’t discuss money or money-related issues. Unit B feels frustrated. A free Skype account will allow phone calls. Unit B feels like it has restarted with the change of leadership in HR. No concessions have been made from them, though Unit B has conceded to some. They keep clamping down on any monetary issues, whether through selective hiring freezes or negotiation blocking.

Unit D (liaison by Kathy Abood) and Unit E (liaison by Chuck Clark) are still bargaining right now. Will not change salary and won’t negotiating monetary issues.

Rege received a $15,000 raise which is the same as a starting para. How can they justify this and other administration raises? Chicopee administrators are the highest paid in Western Massachusetts.


Unit A Mediation – School Committee seems to be stalling on the state budget. We have asked specific questions with regards to our issues.

They will not negotiate on morale or retaliation. We’re continuing to try to press them towards a solution.

There was a second table, which has turned into a Crisis Team. The goal is to draw attention in the community to our concerns, to foster activism within the community, and show our union power. The Crisis Team will assist with Unit B, D, and E if they go to mediation as well.

Earlier forms will help to call testimony to the School Committee.

Kara Gauthier can be contacted with regards to questions.

There are two big questions from the Crisis Team;

  • Where can we hang information to update on negotiations?
  • Are there events where we can help to educate the public?

Information and updates can be fed to local newspapers.

Chicopee School Committee ignored our attendance at the meeting and hasn’t reached out to anyone.


New Business

Retirement Party – Thursday, June 8, 2017 at the Munich Haus. Encourage people to sign up and attend!


MTA Annual Meeting – 5/19/2017 through 5/20/2017. Confirmed attendees will be Kathleen Abood, Jonathan Baru, Sherry Bienvenue, Barbara Ann Cheetham, James Clark, Donna Conroy, Laura Demakis, Alyssa Demers, Benjamin Eisen, Jacob Hulseberg, Kimberly Marowski, Claudia Palframan, Karen Stanton, Jason Surprise, Helen Wright, Jessica Evans, Kelli Malke, Amy Platt, Charles Clark, Robbin Lussier.

Afterwards there will be an education rally in Boston Commons. Transportation information was provided by the MTA. They are also providing free buses, departing at 11 AM from the Holyoke MTA office.

Thousands will be in attendance!


Representative Joe Wagner – He is interested in meeting with people with experience regarding transportation, minimum wage, and medical leave as related to public education. He is not committed to these agenda items, and will be holding a town hall to hear about these on Tuesday, May 23 at 3:15 at the Chicopee Public Library.


Rally for Public Education in Chicopee – June 6th in at Chicopee High School Theater, starting around 6PM. It will be informative for community members. Eric Bauer will be handling public relations and advertising. Jason Surprise, Kathy Abood, Kim Marowski, and Laura Demakis will be there to help educate the community.


Empowerment Zones – Governor Baker was touting these in Springfield to have access to funding, at the cost of local autonomy and collective bargaining rights. That is too steep a cost.


Bylaw Revisions Discussion Parts 3 and 4 – Any changes have been highlighted. Please read parts 3 and 4 for approval by general membership. Questions and discussion will occur at next meeting.

P20, Appendix E, November – Replace with “Treasurer must submit a list of member cancelations to MTA by Nov. 30”

P22 – Add on “Treasurer applies for office support from MTA”

P18 – Michele suggests updating Officer stipends to reflect current practice.

Jim Clark asks to have this document available to general membership with discussion in the individual schools.

There is discussion about the responsibilities of web master. This position just needs to be engaged.

Add feedback portion to board meeting agenda about what needs to change on the website.

Members need to be engaged in social media, read emails, visit the website frequently.

Webmasters don’t write, they upload information and maintain website.

Building Reps need to update, but not be strict in the details.

P10 N – Replace (70%) with “Building Representatives should stay informed by shared attendance of board meetings.”

P10 O – Replace “quarterly meetings” with “Building Representatives should inform members in their building and should hold building meetings or information sessions during staff meetings.”

Motion to accept changes by Jason Surprise. Seconded by Tim Sweeney.

Passed unanimously!


Motion to adjourn by Jason Surprise. Seconded by Tim Sweeney.


Next meeting at Chicopee Comprehensive High School, Cafeteria, June 14