Recording Secretary Report – 02/14/2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018                                                                            3:15-4:30

Starting Time: 3:30                                                                  Adjournment Time: 5:13



  1. Introductions
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business
  5. Treasurer Reports
  6. Consent Agenda (Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Grievance, and PAL Reports)
  7. All In Training

Agenda accepted without objection.

President’s Remarks

Mediation has reached a possible impasse. The longer it takes to settle, the greater effect it will have on interest. Many members are drained and some have left for greener pastures. Chuck voiced concerns about the mediator, then recounted the details of the most recent mediation session. Chuck explain the possible next step of Fact Finding.

Next mediation is on March 8th. Between now and then, we need to focus the mayor as he controls funding to the School Committee and the School Committee is derelict in their responsibility to the school. Chuck thinks we can reach an agreement this year, but our long term goal is to change the thought process about education in the city. There will be actual layoffs this coming year.

The police union has settled for 2/2/2 and fewer steps to the top. The fire dept will also likely settle for 2/2/2.



Police will not be getting retro.

The state is unwilling to provide more funding, but there may be reimbursement opportunities. We have to lobby the town council. Potential to ally with school committee with this endeavor.

The SC offered top step (~60%) a stipend of $600

City Councilors and School Committee Members are afraid of the mayor and retribution that he may bring.

Rep. Wagner said there was more issues than just state funding as 50% funding when we’re at 70% funding.

Chicopee has decreased funding to education between 2016/2017 to 2017/2018.

Speech and Language Service reimbursement doesn’t go back to schools, but to the city.

Chicopee Register does investigative reporting, that we do make use of.

We need to get the message of;

  • Average funding in the state is 120%. Chicopee funding at ~101%
  • How our budget works? Currently school department just copy/paste.
  • Effect on scores and education

Chicopee values buildings over people.

We need to get everyone together at once; parents, teachers, school committees, etc.

We’re the 6th largest association in MA.

Agawam gives 140%. Teachers get ~$10,000 more


Old Business

CEA Contacts List – Mr. Joyal’s snappy response challenged Chuck’s credibility. To avoid giving the SC the same information we need to continue gathering personal contact information.

If they won’t give us their information, they won’t be contacted by the CEA which is a major concern in the post-Janus world.


Budget Task Force Recommendations – Presented recommendations. But it is difficult for these to address working at a $1,000,000 deficit. We should focus on;

  • Budget transparency (Item 21, 22)
  • Planning ahead costs and income (Item 29) Springfield and Holyoke do this well.
  • Prioritizing schools (Item 23)

These are recommendations that will be addressed at the next city council meeting, Tues, Feb 20.

The mayor asked how much was spent on Ribas and the school committee couldn’t answer.



New Business

General Meeting, 3/1/2018, CHS 3:15 – There will have been meetings with SC, mayor, and superintendent, which will be reported upon. CEA leadership will generate ideas of how to grow income based on electronic input from members. These will be discussed at the General Meeting.


Stand outs are still encouraged and we encourage people to express themselves as needed. Stand outs have generated a sense of unity. Do what works in your buildings. The point is building unity in the buildings.

There is worry about the optics of few people standing out. We don’t want to look weak.

When the weather warms we may re-engage stand outs on a daily basis. We change our strategies to avoid burn out and define our victories.

Keep doing whatever works in your building. Larger actions as a union will be discussed at the General Meeting. We need to get parents and children involved.

Contact the executive board through the website.


MTA Annual Meeting, 5/4/2018-5/5/2018, Boston – We can bring 23 delegates. It is very important as this year is an election year for the MTA president. Let Chuck know if you’re interested.


Asbestos Concerns – Several buildings have asbestos issues in disregard of EPA regulations. Surprise inspections may be occurring.


They should have in each building an asbestos plan and blueprint with the locations of asbestos. Employees should be notified when work is done.


Treasurer Report

We have paid our share to the Gaudreau Group for analyzing insurance options.

Accepted without objection.


Grievance Report

Timelines are being ignored until Level 4. HR is misinformed about how these timelines work and may lead to a ULP. He has denied all at the last possible moment except one this year.

Accepted without objection.


Consent Agenda

Accepted without objection.


CEA Post Janus/MTA All In Campaign – Individual building meetings about have happened. The next meeting is Wed, February 21. 10AM at the Holyoke MTA Office.

The US Supreme Court will determine (on Feb 26) that agency fees are unconstitutional but the union will still have to represent public employees. If membership is less than 50%, the union will be dissolved.


CEA Retirement Party – May 31, 2018 from 3:00 to 6:30 at the Munich Haus.


CEA Slates are due by April 30. If there’s only one slate there will be no election.

Please keep in contact with your members.


Next meeting at The Elks, March 14