Mass Child

To:CEA Members:






From:Charles Clark, CEA President


Re:Massachusetts Child Program


Dear Educator,

I want you to know that the Massachusetts Child Program, established in 1996 and funded by the MTA, is making available special back-to-school grants that members can use to purchase classroom supplies for students in need.

In Chicopee, because we are a large local, we can be reimbursed up to $2200.00 for purchases made to help needy students succeed in school.  The money goes to support materials ranging from crayons to backpacks, from lined paper to field trips, as well as personal needs like coats and eye glasses.

Vice President Christine Theroux will be coordinating the initiative for us.  She can be reached at  Because this is a reimbursement program, I ask that you contact Christine before committing any funds.

So, the next time you open your heart and wallet for your students, remember Mass Child.  It is my hope that with the help of Mass Child we will be able give a little something to our students who need a hand.