A $50 contribution was made to the family and $50 to the Rigby Archambault Scholarship Fund for the death of Chicopee Comp art teacher John Archambault.  The Rigby Archambault Schlolarship Fund is  through TD Bank, East Longmeadow Branch, 465 North Main Street, East Longmeadow, MA, 01028.

Congratulations to Maryfrances Peters and Kate Bregoli for their AP “Partners in Excellence Award”, granted by Mass Insight Education.  They will both be honored on April 12th, at the Wachusett Ski Resort for their fine work

About Elonia Lamontagne

Elonia Lamontagne is a Chemistry teacher at CHS. She has been the CEA corresponding secretary since 2015 and she coordinates the CEA Cheer Fund. Please contact her in events such as wedding, new baby, illness, or death in the family of CEA members. Cards are sent to CEA members for significant times and contributions are made to the CEA scholarship fund (or other organization if noted) in memory of loved ones who pass away. See the CEA Cheer Fund here