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Good morning,

I hope this finds you and your families all well.The bargaining teams met Thursday to discuss the Inspection report requested by the CEA. We also met to continue bargaining and made some other agreements.

Inspection Report

As the Inspection report (attached below) suggested, there were some issues in some buildings. Since the Inspection report addressed the efficiency of the units and not air quality per classroom, the CEA requested air quality inspections be done. To ensure safety, the District decided to have Bowe school be remote and air quality reports will be done prior to each new phase in of students. The District will be performing building adjustments in between time.The CEA will submit their criteria, based on OSHA standards, for the air quality inspections.

Unit E

As for our Unit E members, it was determined that at the present time, there are no imminent plans to lay off any Unit E members. The district intends to maximize the number of Unit E for work in the District. The parties agree that the District’s intent to utilize, for work, as many Education Support Professionals, Paraprofessionals, as feasible under the 2020-2021 school year.Any Unit E member who did not submit an Accommodation Request form for medical reasons to be remote, is understood to be eligible for work with students. Any Unit E member who is able to be licensed as a teacher, or close to it, should notify their Principal. In addition, many of our Unit E members have applied for licenses to teach – way to go!!! Any member who needs licensing help, please call Beth Tripathy at the MTA 978-223-3182.
Thank you to all members who spoke up about our needs, and our students’ needs,  for our Unit E members!Additional agreementsThe language has not been formalized so I will summarize the agreements:

Coverage pay

It is the intent of the District to minimize teachers required to teach remote students and in person students simultaneously. Those teachers who are required to teach simultaneous classes will be paid coverage pay.Such teachers will be trained by a private company on this procedure and webcams will be purchased and given as necessary. 

Air Quality

An air quality inspection will be done before each new phase begins. The CEA will submit their expectations for safe air quality to the District.

SPED subcommittee

A Subcommittee consisting of 2 CEA and 2 Administration representatives will be meet weekly to ensure communication and best teaching/learning for SPED students. There will be co-communication to SPED personnel. The weekly meetings will adjusted be adjusted as necessary.

Cleaning protocols for rooms and buildings

Scott Chapdelaine will submit a daily cleaning protocol memo for all rooms and buildings to state cleaning expectations. I will send you all a copy and request a copy be posted in each building.
If you do not feel like appropriate cleaning is being done, please see your Principal and not the custodians. They are only being done as they are told. Our custodians are not the ones making the decisions and implementing the practice. We need to support our UFCW brothers and sisters.
I will keep you informed of any further developments and will send you the updated MOA(Memorandum of Agreement) once it is finalized.
Please remember to thank our bargaining team for their tremendous efforts, their outstanding dedication to our members and our students, their incredible amount of time they voluntarily spent in this endeavor. 

Deb Green,Tim Sweeney,Beth Murdock,Linda Manno, Alyssa Demers,Karen Nealon,Kerry Foyle,Gina Potorsky-Dahl,Zyara Star Worthy,Sarah Kniep,Andrea Williams,Bob Cantin,Chris Oliver,Kelly Hurley,and Sarah Davis

THANK YOU ALL!!!Enjoy your weekend.

Rest, relax, and rejuvenate!

Laura DemakisPresident, Chicopee Education Association