Grievance Report – September 17, 2014

Grievance Report

Chicopee Education Association

September 17, 2014

Class Action Unit A– Misappropriation of Staffs’ Time and Resources- the building principal sent a copy of the plan of proposed changes to rectify this situation. The plan does not meet the requirements of the Association’s remedy and will need further discussion.

Class Action Unit A– parking at one of the schools was a problem for staff. Principal was reminded at the inception of the school year. No further complaints – so far.

Unit E– Severe Needs Stipend was not given to several paraprofessionals. They have since been paid.

Involuntary Transfers– Many issues with involuntary transfers: lack of letters, change in working conditions, mutual respect. All issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of our members.

Class Action Unit A- Required night graduation- members worked a ½ day to compensate for attending the night graduation. Principal will be reminded that teachers can’t be required to attend an evening graduation and may choose to work a full day if not attending.

Class Action Unit A– WIFI- not resolved

Class Action Unit B– Positions were not posted for two SPED Coordinator positions.  As a result of this grievance, the positions were posted and interviews were held.

Unit D- Collection of keys from visitors- was resolved last year and has risen again.