Grievance Report – September 14 ,2016

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association

September 14, 2016

Grievance 5A, 6A, & 7A- Class Action– 3 Unit A members were hired and are working in areas and/or grade levels for which they are not certified. HR has stated that all three members would be receiving letters in May stating that if they are not certified by the end of the school year, they will lose their positions. Resolved– DESE states that teachers may coach outside of their grade level certification area as long as they are not the teacher of record.

Grievance 2E- Class Action– Unit E members who do bus runs were verbally told that they could not keep their bus run unless they were willing to be picked up and dropped off at school thereby deviating from the traditional practice of being picked up and dropped off at their homes.

Grievance 2 A- Level 2– Unit A member- specialized position (non-teaching) – scheduled to teach three daily classes in addition to performing the services of the specialized position. Management has agreed that Unit A members with specialized non-teaching positions should not have scheduled classes, but may teach lessons with a teacher. Resolved- STATUS CHANGE- bumping to Level 3 as this situation is still occurring. It has been brought to Mr. Rege’s attention and will go to the Employee Relations Committee.

Issues Dealt With This Month

  • SPED Unit E transfers affecting bus runs.
  • Unit D member retired and was given a 3 month temporary position as is allowed by contract.
  • DDMS- We still have not finished bargaining over DDMS. DDMs should not be used in evaluations until such time. DDMs may be administered; however, they cannot be used as evidence in an evaluation. Please do not use them for goals- both professional and student learning.
  • Evaluations- “Plans” evaluators must have specific evidence -documented in TeachPoint- in order to put an educator on a plan. Unit A members should not be placed on “plans” due to DDM test scores.
  • TeachPoint -teachers have the ability when in disagreement with an evaluator’s observations in TeachPoint,- to write an “Educator’s Response” See our CEA website for directions- The Implementation Committee has discussed the issue of management not responding to our responses.