Grievance Report – October 15, 2014

Grievance Report

Chicopee Education Association

October 15, 2014

Class Action Unit A– Misappropriation of Staffs’ Time and Resources- the building principal sent a copy of the plan of proposed changes to rectify this situation. The plan does not meet the requirements of the Association’s remedy and still needs further discussion.

Grievance 1A- Denied at Level 1- Principal not allowing certain staff to collaborate together after school on their own time- potentially having an adverse effect on their evaluations.

Class Action Unit 2A- Denied at Level 1- Principal was reminded that teachers can’t be required to attend an evening graduation and may choose to work a full day if not attending. Principal insists that required attendance can be mandated since other schools have Open House. The Association maintains that a graduation is an event and not a meeting and is therefore not subject to the Open House/Meeting language.

Class Action Unit A– WIFI- not resolved may be resolved shortly due to new technology.