Grievance Report – November 19, 2014

Grievance Report

Chicopee Education Association

November 19, 2014

Class Action Unit A – Resolved at Level 1

Misappropriation of Staffs’ Time and Resources- the building principal sent a copy of the plan of proposed changes to rectify this situation.

Grievance 1A– Resolved at Level 2-

Principal not allowing certain staff to collaborate together after school on their own time- potentially having an adverse effect on their evaluations. HR verbally agreed that a principal cannot instruct staff to not collaborate together on their own time. CEA is waiting for the formal resolution response.

Class Action Unit 2A– Resolving at Level 2-

Principal was reminded that teachers can’t be required to attend an evening graduation and may choose to work a full day if not attending. Principal insists that required attendance can be mandated since other schools have Open House. The Association maintains that a graduation is an event and not a meeting and is therefore not subject to the Open House/Meeting language. HR agreed that this one school would be the only school allowed to do this and agreed to an MOA to memorialize it. The CEA will be conducting a vote to see if Unit A members in this building want a night graduation event- the date of the vote TBD.

Class Action Unit A-

WIFI-not resolved may be resolved shortly due to new technology.

  • The CEA has raised the issue with HR regarding staff on extended sick/ leave being required to perform their job while absent from their job. We would like to hear examples of this when they occur as HR would like to know the frequency of these types of situations: maternity leave, bereavement time, extended medical leave, etc.
  • The CEA has been successful with having a new evaluator assigned to a Unit A member due to improper evaluator procedures. This was possible as a member came forward with evaluator Teachpoint documents that were subjective, inconsistent, and poorly written. Please let us know if you are getting such documents so that we can help you.
  • The CEA and the MTA have filed a ULP- unfair labor practice- with the Labor Board on behalf of a non-pts teacher whose job was terminated after 35 days of employment as a means of union retaliation.