Grievance Report – May 15 , 2015

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association

May 14, 2015

Grievance 4A– Between Unit A and Unit B concerning mutual respect, union retaliation, and teacher evaluation.


Grievance 3A– Between Unit A and management concerning “just cause” of a suspension.


Class Action 1D– Regarding Article I Recognition and Article XXIII Mutual Respect- All members of the unit are apparently being accused of an error that allegedly was caused by one member- the alleged accuser.


Grievance 1 E- The transference of work from Unit B to Unit E

Issues dealt with this month:

Unit A

  • Nembirkow assured us that he would be bringing both MOAs to the School Committee this month for approval.-Szetela Preschool evening graduation in lieu of open house and the Revised MOA language regarding elementary school meetings.
  • Teachpoint documents which include hearsay- you have the right to submit a rebuttal within Teachpoint if you believe that erroneous information has been included in a Teachpoint record of evidence.

All Units

  • Involuntary Transfers- Units A, B, D all have language that states that management should provide them an explanation for the transfer.