Grievance Report – March 19 , 2015

Grievance Report

Chicopee Education Association

March 19, 2015

No Official Grievances at this time

The Association, in conjunction with management, is in the process of creating a MOA with specific language to allow Szetela Preschool an evening graduation in lieu of open house- this school only.

As a means of compromise, The Association has agreed to revise the side letter regarding the use of time during the school day for meetings. The current language refers to “current practice”; however, it does not define the current practices. Revised language will clearly define current practices.

Vacation Insurance– Management is under no obligation to pay you when you don’t work- unless you are using sick or personal time. If you are on school vacation and your flight is delayed- for days- and you don’t have personal days, you won’t get paid. L Look into vacation insurance if you don’t have personal days.

Involuntary Transfers– When involuntarily transferred in both Units A & B, you will be notified of the reasons for the transfer in writing- an internal management transfer sheet is not sufficient.

10 Minutes after Student Dismissal– Mr. Nembirkow stated that Mr. Rege will not be monitoring this until the next school year.