Grievance Report – January/February 2017

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association


Grievance 1 A & 2 A 2017 Unit A members are being escrowed out due to having less than 5 days of sick time. The Association asserts that the district’s  unpublished policy of escrowing out veteran teachers is punitive in that it monetarily punishes staff for an anticipated owing of money to the district if the staff member goes beyond their allotted sick time. Staff are unprepared to deal with this unexpected and catastrophic financial burden in the middle of the school year as there is no written agreement of the practice. Unit A staff are contractually entitled to 21 equal bi-weekly paychecks.


Issues Dealt With This Month

  • Unit E member not being paid the same hourly rate as a Unit A member for performing the exact same job
  • Unit E member forced to work on Unit A PD days for two years
  • Unit D members felt that had been treated unfairly as to the pay scale they had been hired under.
  • Unit A members are starting to see “Summary of Conversations” written as disciplinary documents and placed in personnel files.
  • Delayed school openings- you do not necessarily get a prep and/or duty on delayed openings- you are paid for 6 hours even though you work 4. This might be a good topic to discuss at the site based Principal Advisories in an effort to have classes rotate.