Grievance Report – December 14 ,2016

Grievance Report-Chicopee Education Association

December 14, 2016


Grievance 2 A- 2015-2016– Unit A member- specialized position (non-teaching) – scheduled to teach three daily classes in addition to performing the services of the specialized position. Management has agreed that Unit A members with specialized non-teaching positions should not have scheduled classes, but may teach lessons with a teacher.

Update- the CEA and management are still working on a 1 year only compromise.


Issues Dealt With This Month

  • Two Unit E members still have not been paid for extra duty work from the previous school year. Potentially resolved on 12/16/2016.
  • Ongoing legal proceedings
  • Evaluation issues
  • MOA to steam line the grievance process
  • Unit E member not being paid the same hourly rate as a Unit A member for performing the exact same job