Grievance Report

GRIEVANCE REPORT  (April – October 2020)


  1. (A-9-2018).  Class Action re: working conditions at the Academy
  • second Level I meeting held August 14th 
  • practices to be implemented in September
  • staff check-in by mid-October – to be scheduled


  1. (A-4, 2019).  Inequitable placement on Master’s Degree column
  • Entitled to retro pay back to date of hire
  • Met at Level 2
  • HR completing list of affected members and adjust accordingly


  1. (A-8, 2020).  SPED Class Action – various systemic issues
  • Met at Level 2 (Feb. 4); ongoing discussion
  • In abeyance due to COVID
  • Improved communication and future meetings
  1. (B-1, D-2, July 2020) Non-Compliance with Return to Work / Recall Agreement
  • RESOLVED with building health and safety protocols established and new Remote Agreement in process